Mission Statement:

To accelerate research in biomarkers for early diagnosis of high risk conditions that affect brain function and to develop novel targeted curative therapies based on molecular causes of these conditions discovered through epigenetic and genetic research.  To provide parents and health care professionals objective tools to support development of children very early on as infants and toddlers based on objective behavioral assessments.

We are born with inherent characteristics that define our personality and who we are. Some of us learn to thrive and some of us struggle to master and learn how to cope with our environment. For the majority of us this is not because we have mental health conditions but it is because we are not equipped to thrive in the environment we live in. We at CHCF believe that each person is very unique. We also believe that in order for our children to thrive emotionally we must have objective diagnostic tools that could identify 1) the optimal thriving environment for each child early on and; 2) how each child can learn critical skill sets to cope with inevitable adverse events exposed to in the existing global environment. To do so this requires a new approach in understanding who we are early on in life through genetic and epigenetic research so we can find a place we can call home! We invite you to join us if you believe in this mission. We can do better.

CHCFbrain non-profit is unique in that its focus is on research into the root causes of serious brain disease in order to, one day, prevent them from becoming debilitating and life-threatening conditions.

 We are about the future!  By promoting this research, we will change how we speak about brain development and behavioral health, and how we diagnose and treat these conditions in the same manner as other physical diseases.

You can find us on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/cory-heidaran-  charitable-foundation/?viewAsMember=true

Walt's Waltz Foundation:


Conditions that affect the brain will one day be diagnosed, treated, and cured just like any other diseases.   

Executive Summary:


Non Profit Board of Directors:

Donal P. Bottaro, Ph.D.

Steve Winitsky, M.D.

Alex Tracy, Ph.D.

John Bishop III, Ph.D.

Kenneth D. Cole, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor:

Daniel Geschwind, M.D. Ph.D.