C & L McDougle Middle School 

~Gifted Education~

Never stop learning.  Never stop growing.

Catherine Sweat- Gifted Education Specialist 

Contact: csweat@chccs.k12.nc.us

Do you have questions about gifted services?  This document link will help.

CHCCS District Gifted Education Webpage- LINK 

Clubs & Extracurricular Activities for Students~   

2023-2024: Clubs have started for the year and student are involved in two clubs.  We have Clubs on Fridays and there is a Club "A" Day and then a Club "B" Day.

      SEP- Student Exploration Projects- Read Below! 

              SEP has started for the year! 

             SEP is separate from Clubs.

Advisors: Mrs. Catherine Sweat, Mrs. Christine Lippy, Mrs. Jennifer West

So...what is SEP?

SEP stands for Student Exploration Projects. This is the fifth year that SEP will be offered to ALL students at MMS who choose to be a part of it!!  SEP is similar to Project Based Learning, but students have complete choice in the topic that they want to discover.  Students may work solo or they can collaborate with a partner(s) of their choice.  SEP usually begins around the end of October and lasts through the end of April.  We strongly encourage students to be a part of SEP this year and discover/explore a topic that they are passionate about.  A final presentation will be in the spring. We primarily use Google Classroom to communicate and track work.  We meet every three weeks to check in!

Some of the Topics that Students have Explored over the Years:

The sky is the limit when choosing a project to explore!

Resources for Students to Explore and Work on Various Skills: 

-Our school is lucky enough to have "adopted" one of the Argo floats which are collecting the data.  Back in 2019, our student body voted to name our float "Cheerwine." Click on the resource below to learn more about it!   

                                                                 Adopt a Float      How this Project was Started 

-A FREE one-page weekly “newspaper” to help inspire kids to engage with STEM in the real world. Each issue can be printed or shared digitally. Literacy & STEM…better together!  STEM News to Read About 

-Sadlier Vocabulary Writing, and Math Practice a wonderful website where students can practice vocabulary, writing and specific math skills. There are also SAT/ACT practice questions available when students click on the higher grade-level work.

-iCivics helps students to become better educated and comfortable with the functions of the United States government.

-Science Journal with Google is an interactive site where students can turn their phones into a lab sensor to collect and analyze data.