What is Camp Wonder ?


Kids entering grades
Kindergarten - 8th grade.


An immersive and educational summer day program designed to spark curiosity, foster creativity, and inspire

 a sense of wonder in children through engaging activities, hands-on exploration, and themed adventures,


Charlotte Mason Community School: 

17400 Second Ave, Detroit, MI 48203


Mon-Thur 9:00 am - 2:30 pm  Fridays 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

June 17: Wondering Among the Stars

June 24: Wondering Across Continents

July 8: Wondering Through Time

July 15: Wondering Behind the Silver Screen

July 29: Wondering on the Farm

August 5: Wondering in the Enchanted Forest

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Pricing for each week long day summer camp starts at $175/week. 

Sibling Discounts and Scholarships Available.


To help your child grow their confidence, build problem-solving skills, 

reduce summer learning loss,  improve academic achievement,

 embark on exciting adventures, make lasting memories, 

and cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

Here’s what an adventurous day at Camp Wonder looks like

9:15 am -  Morning Assembly

Drop off your camper with qualified educators and camp leadership interns, and they start each day with a large group activity and game that will encourage teamwork and spark creativity. 

9:30 am - Exploration Stations

Campers rotate through three unique experiences designed to stimulate their minds and bodies while fostering creativity and curiosity. 

Hands-on Station: Campers dive into captivating science experiments and unleash their creativity with exciting crafts. 

Games Station: Camper enjoy thrilling water activities, archery challenges, and mind-bending escape room adventures and much more. 

Learning Station: Campers engage in academic enrichment, practical life skills, social-emotional learning, and athletic pursuits. 

Between explorations, campers refuel with a healthy snack they've brought, ensuring they stay energized and ready for whatever wonders await at Camp Wonder.

12:00 pm - Games & Lunch

During Game and Lunch Time, campers embark on an exhilarating adventure! Half of the campers head outdoors or to the gym for action-packed games, while the other half enjoy a well-deserved lunch break, filled with nutritious meals they've packed themselves. After a thrilling round of games, the groups switch, ensuring that every camper has the chance to both fuel up and burn off energy. This dynamic schedule provides a perfect balance of physical activity and relaxation, keeping campers energized, engaged, and ready for more summer fun at Camp Wonder!

1:00 pm - Special Guest

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our daily special guest presentations! Each day, campers will be treated to an exciting and interactive session led by a variety of captivating individuals, including magicians, dance instructors, graffiti artists, movie makers, and animal tamers. These engaging experiences promise to ignite imagination, inspire creativity, and leave campers with unforgettable memories to share with family and friends. Get ready for a daily dose of wonder and excitement as our special guests bring their unique talents and expertise to enrich our summer camp adventure!

2:00 pm - Open Play

Unleash your imagination and creativity during Open Play Time! This unstructured period allows campers to explore, interact, and engage in a wide range of activities at their own pace. Whether it's building forts, creating art, playing group games, or simply enjoying free time outdoors, Open Play Time offers a fun and flexible environment for campers to socialize, unwind, and make new discoveries. With endless possibilities and opportunities for self-expression, campers are encouraged to embrace spontaneity, connect with peers, and enjoy the freedom to play and explore in their own unique way.

2:30 pm - Dismissal

Wrap up another exciting day at camp with our dismissal routine! As the day draws to a close, campers gather together for a brief wrap-up session where they reflect on the day's adventures, share highlights, and bid farewell to newfound friends. Our dismissal process ensures a smooth transition from camp activities to reunification with parents or guardians, with staff members on hand to assist and ensure the safety and well-being of every camper. With smiles on their faces and memories in their hearts, campers depart with anticipation for tomorrow's adventures, eager to return for another day of fun-filled exploration and learning at Camp Wonder!

Six Weeks of Unforgettable

At the begin of each week, campers ask the question "I wonder what it would be like to..." as we unveil six captivating themes designed to spark imagination and ignite a sense of wonder. Get ready for a summer filled with thrilling adventures, hands-on activities, and the joy of discovery

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