It's time to get REAL. Is your team ready to navigate the rapid changes you're facing?

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At EmergentTeams, we help teams and organisations find their mojo and thrive through change. Not just doing ok, or getting by, but achieving amazing things in the face of huge and constantly shifting challenges. We do this by understanding and involving the hidden talents and energy of all their people. 

Unfortunately, teams no longer have the luxury of taking their time to learn how to get the best from each other. Our world is less certain, more challenging and change is accelerating. You are facing white water change. Too slow to adapt and you risk getting stuck on the rocks; or worse, ceasing to be relevant and getting swept away by your faster, nimbler competitors. 

To adequately navigate these challenges, teams need to learn and evolve at pace, continuously experimenting and growing their capabilities to maximise their performance. There is no certainty about anything any more. To succeed in this harsh environment, teams need to discard old ways of thinking that are limiting what they can achieve. Instead, they need to form more useful mindsets and sustainable habits, changing their behaviours and discovering more effective ways of working. 

In other words, to navigate constant change and thrive in today’s fast-moving world, teams need to be emergent.

What is an emergent team?

Emergent, adj. - arising as a new or improved development

As a starting point, emergent teams recognise that staying as they are is suboptimal. They have a desire to be the best they can be and a willingness to transform. They are prepared to challenge their current wisdom and limitations, are curious how they can create a better future and committed to make it a reality.  

This is not about working so hard that teams risk burnout; we partner with teams who want to accelerate performance in a sustainable way. They need to be open, willing to be vulnerable and courageous. 

Imagine if your team was built on curiosity, challenge, trust, collaboration and commitment. Just think of the results that you could achieve compared to now if your team developed or improved these characteristics…

Time to get REAL

We are not just another high-performing teams consultancy. Using psychometric tests, tools and frameworks to profile teams is important and informative. However, it’s what happens next where the magic occurs.

We can’t give away all our secrets… but suffice to say, we create the right conditions for disruptive shifts to occur, from today’s reality to a more ideal future, enabling honest and challenging conversations, and embedding the changes in behaviour required both individually and collectively. We do this by unlocking the essential ingredients for success - much more curiosity, clarity, co-creation, cohesion and commitment. 

Our proprietary REAL (Reveal-Explore-Adapt-Learn) process fosters agility, equipping teams for the uncertainties ahead.  These fundamentals provide a solid foundation for reconnecting with the team's core purpose and gaining greater clarity, resulting in superior outcomes.

How we can help

At Emergent Teams, we help build superior and sustainable team performance by creating the right conditions for emergent exploration and learning, resulting in far greater success than is being achieved today.

We accelerate growth by stimulating individual and team development, helping teams to know each other fully, develop new habits and learn better practices. This builds greater understanding, resilience and trust so they can look after themselves and each other. The result is better performance on a sustainable basis.

It’s not just the team itself that benefits. So do the people who work for your organisation, your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our clients

We work with a wide variety of leadership teams. From start-ups to industrial titans, we look to help teams that want to develop their emergent capability to thrive through change, whether that is change that they choose or that is imposed upon them, for example through market disruption, mergers or acquisitions, strategic shifts, new leadership or restructuring. 

What these teams have in common is the need for urgency, navigating uncertainty, agility and ultimately successful delivery. Where the stakes are high, time is short and they have to deliver fast, teams need to be emergent.

Our expertise

EmergentTeams was founded by Jason Gubb and Joss Mathieson. Between us, we have more than 50 years' experience in leadership positions in large, international companies. 

We are both certified coaches who work with some of the highest-performing teams in industry - and those who aspire to be like them. 

We have advised on numerous change programmes and helped teams to achieve more than they thought possible.