Chair Yoga Participant Feedback

48* Vidya is an experienced teacher who is extremely encouraging, approachable, and teaches according to the ability of her students. I very much enjoy her classes. (On - Carol Schnulle, Buffalo Grove, IL, 06/15/2023.

47* I am attending Mrs. Vidya's chair yoga class for a few month. I really like it as this class fits my expectations and helps me to feel better. Mrs. Vidya is an amazing teacher with the positive energy and attitude. She is friendly, help to adjust or modify position if needed. Every her class is different and challenging in a good way. I always looking forward for her class to learn more from her and wish she will teach chairs yoga more often than one time per week. (On - Faina Belan, Buffalo Grove, IL, 05/15/2023.

46* I joined Vidia’s yoga class about 6 months ago. Love chair yoga as it is difficult for me to do it on the floor. I love her class and love the way she is teaching adjusting to different peoples needs. She always makes the class fun as it is always different plan for the class. She is a great yoga teacher. (On - Sima Frenkel, Buffalo Grove, IL, 04/27/2023.

45* I have taken 4 chair yoga classes with Vidya at the local fitness center and have only good things to say about it. Vidya is clearly experienced and comfortable teaching. She exudes her quiet, joyful, spiritual personality while leading us in a variety of creative moves. Each lesson has been unique with different techniques as she explains the positions as they relate to our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. She checks to make sure we are physically challenged and at the same time are careful to stay safe and without injury. I leave feeling energized and positive and looking forward to the next lesson. It has been an honor having her as a teacher. (On - Susan Levy, Buffalo Grove, IL, 12/16/2022.

44*  I have only been practicing chair yoga for a month, but it’s been very helpful in improving my balance and flexibility. I have Parkinson’s so I want the experience to reach my full potential. Vidya Nahar is an excellent instructor, who guides you through meditation and always ends her class with laughter!! HaHaHa!!! (On Google) - Debbie Rudzin, Buffalo Grove, IL, 08/27/2022.

43*  Yoga is helping my lower back pain, and great for my flexibility, balance and posture. Online is convenient, safe ( Covid-19 ) and Vidya provides morning, afternoon and evening classes to suit your time frame. Love. (via email) - Anne Lin, Buffalo Grove, IL, 12/09/2021.

42* A blog written by a student of Duke University Rj Shah after attending Vidya's presentation on Yoga for Duke University's campus-wide wellness day : - Rj Shah, Duke University, NC, 05/28/2021. 

41* Vidya offers well structured and explained instruction. She clearly has great knowledge and dedication to yoga and imparts that love and knowledge to her students. Highly recommend her classes. (On Google) - Robert Kerr, Buffalo Grove, 06/17/2020. 

40* I joined Vidya’s virtual chair yoga class about a month back. Thanks to Mona who introduced me to Vidya. Truly it has been a blessing for me. My knee joints have been giving me a lot of problems because of wear and tear and as a result the muscles around the knees are very weak. In this one month I feel a big difference not only around my knees but overall. I feel more energetic and look forward to her classes. I do have a long way to go. Vidya is very knowledgeable and a great yoga instructor. Her classes are fun and always starts and ends on time. Every day the stretches are different and so not monotonous at all and the best part is that I can do it in the comfort of my home. I intend to continue with the classes and hoping that one day I will be strong enough to join her mat yoga class. Thank you Vidya.(On Google) - Aisha Nair, Chicago, 06/08/2020.

39* I enjoyed the chair yoga classes with Vidya. It was evident that she wanted her students to feel comfortable and move at their own pace. - Trudy Goldstein, Buffalo Grove, 07/16/2019.

38* Loved the chair yoga class. Always felt great after. Vidya is not pushy but very friendly and always watching to make sure every one is safe in doing any of the moves she is asking us to do, She is very engaging an I really enjoyed the class. Can't wait for the next session to be scheduled so I can sign up! Loved the chair yoga class. Always felt great after. Vidya is not pushy but very friendly and always watching to make sure every one is safe in doing any of the moves she is asking us to do, She is very engaging an I really enjoyed the class. Can't wait for the next session to be scheduled so I can sign up! - C Arns, Buffalo Grove, 07/14/2019.

37* I am new to yoga or any exercise but I want to make my body stronger so I can climb stairs and if I fall,I will be able to pick myself up easily. I am 86 years old and until recently could do almost everything. I like the meditation part. It is calming and comfortable.I look forward to signing up for the fall session. - Goldie Berman, Buffalo Grove, 07/10/2019.

36* Vidya is a very experienced teacher who adjusts to your level and varies the session making it interesting and fun. Highly recommend her and her classes. - Cathy Kerr, Buffalo Grove, 05/22/2019.

35* I just completed my first Yoga class (what took me so long!!?) and could not have wished for a better teacher. Thank you, Vidya for your kind instruction. The sessions were interesting and fun, even when challenging. I will practice at home but can't replace the wonderful experience of Yoga with Vidya as my guide. I look forward to future classes. Namaste. - Julia J, Vernon Hills, 05/19/2019.

34* I have been taking Vidya's yoga for several sessions and enjoy all aspects. Also have become part of this community of people, familiar faces, who return for repeat sessions. I always feel better when I leave. Thank you Vidya. - Kathy Kepraios, Buffalo Grove, 05/17/2019.

33* Vidya is very friendly and helps class members adjust positions when they have physical issues.. I find the class helpful and always go home feeling better than when I came. - Linda Mazanek, Buffalo Grove, 12/22/2018.

32* I very much enjoy my Monday night chair yoga. Vidya is a wonderful instructor and her classes make a positive difference in my life. We are very fortunate to have such knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Thank you to Vidya and the Park District. - Celia Stashevsky, Buffalo Grove, 12/21/2018.

31* I have experienced a noticeable improvement in many areas since t started. I am more flexible, have less pain, more focused and more calm. Vidya was recommended by a friend of mine who says she has stayed mobile after surgery because of Vidya's classes. Each class is different which makes the experience interesting. I always leave the class smiling and full of energy. Thank you Vidya. - Nancy Krause, Prairie View, 12/11/2018.

30* Excellent chair yoga classes - P Porembski, Prospect Heights, 06/29/2018.

29* I am more limber and my balance has improved. I find Vidya to be a very patient leader. - Rochel Cutler, Buffalo Grove, 05/26/2018.

28* I enrolled in "chair yoga" through Vernon Township a few months ago. Vidya was the instructor. I didn't know what to expect. I am 72 years old and have terrible arthritis. She is AMAZING! This is one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. Not only do I find relief from the physical pain, but calms my mind and refreshes my spirit. It is Vidya herself that makes this experience so wonderful.. She is so gifted and shares her gentle, patient, helpful support & encouragement with each and one of us in her class. i always leave the class smiling and feeling better. It is good that I discovered yoga but it is the best thing ever that I found Vidya's class. - Clare Warder, Buffalo Grove, 02/18/2018.

27* This chair yoga is as difficult a workout as regular yoga - she really makes you sweat! Maybe a little too difficult for those of us who have limitations, but she does offer alternatives. Vidya is very personable and warm - always has a smile on her face. - Irene Noparstak, Vernon Hills, 12/22/2017.

26* I am taking both a Hatha and a chair yoga class with Vidya. Through her encouragement and gentle corrections, I am improving weekly. I was skeptical about what yoga could do for me, but I have been pleasantly surprised as I feel more limber each day and am developing my core muscles. Vidya is a wonderful instructor; kind, thoughtful, and encouraging, no matter what your skill level is. I enjoy both my Hatha class at Stevenson H.S. and chair yoga class through Vernon Township. I would encourage anyone thinking about trying yoga to join one (or more!) of Vidya's classes and learn about yoga from this experienced yet patient teacher. - Pat S, Lincolnshire, 12/20/2017.

25* I love this class. I never thought a chair yoga class could work the entire body as Vidya has us do. She is a terrific teacher. I'm looking forward to the next class in the fall. Thank you Vidya - Joan Cusick, Buffalo Grove, 06/22/2017.

24* I recently took a Chair Yoga class with Vidya through the Vernon Township and found the class to be a wonderful experience. Vidya provides a warm and inviting atmosphere while challenging us at the same time. A class begins with a slow warm up and is very gentle on the body. Then the exercises are varied each week while building on the knowledge we have gained from the previous class. I especially appreciated the variation since it allowed me to learn more about the different ways of practicing yoga. We end the class with a brief meditation and it puts me at a nice and relaxed state of mind for the rest of the day. In addition to class, Vidya has many videos on YouTube. She has been very willing to help with any questions I have after I practice a video and I especially appreciate that. I am looking forward to the next session of classes! - Sharon Saltz, Buffalo Grove, 03/14/2017.

23* I have been Vidya's student for more than decade. I love her classes because she offers a variety of different styles of classes, in each of which she incorporates various ways of exercising. That keeps the classes fun and challenging. Even though I attend several classes with her, no single class is repeated during an entire session. That keeps it new and interesting every week. She also teaches at different levels of intensity but within each class, she offers many modifications and encourages everyone to work at their own level. She makes sure that everyone works out safely. Over the years, I have developed some health issues but despite that, I have been able to continue with her classes, transitioning easily to accommodate my limitation whereas I've had to give up most of my other physical fitness activities. Though the name "Chair Yoga" makes it seem easy, I actually come out of the class with my heart rate up and feeling like I got a great workout. - Mona Das, Buffalo Grove, 03/10/2017.

22* I am enrolled in Vidya's chair yoga class. Vidya is a great teacher! She encourages everyone to work/enjoy themselves no matter what their ability level is. Her lessons are well planned, every week there are new things to learn. I look forward to coming to class because Vidya is helping me to improve my balance, posture, relax, exercise, and have fun at the same time. - Georgie Bloom, Buffalo Grove, 03/09/2017.

21* Chair yoga has kept me flexible/ strong even at 74. Vidya's classes are always interesting and challenging, The class goes by fast even when I am working hard. Then there is the reward-- meditation. - Sara Kalina, Buffalo Grove, 05/26/2016.

20* I can't say enough about Vidya. I was nervous about doing any kind of exercise class because of bad back issues and nerve damage to my leg. Vidya takes the time to make modifications to accommodate me and my limitations to make this a productive class for everyone. She is so extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, spiritual, loves working with her students and I really believe loves what yoga does for people. Thank you for all you do. - Barb Turovitz, Buffalo Grove, 04/03/2016.

19* My husband is recovering from a stoke and we love our chair yoga class. We both feel it is one of the best things we have done for our well being. - Rebekah Crews, Buffalo Grove, 03/22/2016.

18* I look so forward to my Monday night yoga. It is a pleasure to come to your class. You are a talented and kind instructor and I am so grateful to be in a class with such a lovely group of people. Thank you for helping me reach a more peaceful state of mind (I have a long way to go) but it least I am moving in the right direction. Looking forward to our next session. – Celia Stashevskiy, Buffalo Grove, 07/14/2015.

17* I love Chair Yoga. I have been doing this class for a few years now and I always feel like I have had a workout. Vidya does a variation of the class each week so it's always fresh. She is concerned about our health and shows us ways to modify the moves for any disability. - E. R., Buffalo Grove, 07/14/2015.

16* Yoga has been and continues to be wonderful along with the marvelous teacher! - Roberta Schacher, Arlington Heights, 11/26/2014 

15* She is terrific, great class. Great yoga without being on the floor. I feel great, calm, relaxed & very healthy when I walk out of class. She watches everyone closely, that is important.; - Bonnie Klein, Arlington Heights, 09/30/2014.

14* Dear Vidya, I just wanted to write and let you know how much I have enjoyed your class, sometimes I get angry at myself because I can't do some of the thing's as well as I would like, hopefully in time ill be able. The class is a lot of fun, I really, really, really, enjoy at the end of the class how we laugh so abundantly. What a WONDERFUL feeling. I look forward to returning to class in a couple of weeks, Enjoy your time with your family. I'll see you soon. Thank you. - Monica Young, Buffalo Grove, 08/04/2014.

13* Thank you for being patient with my progress. After three years of inactivity it was refreshing to exercise once again. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. - Jim Laganowski, Buffalo Grove, 08/01/2014.

12* Vidya Nahar is an experienced yoga teacher. She is just what a yoga teacher should be. She is calm, spiritual, knows her positions, and she does a variety of different classes just from signing up for a session. Her environment is safe . positive, and I feel energized afterwards. She strengthens as well as stretches each area of our bodies. I felt this class was valuable. - Maryryose Congdon, Buffalo Grove, 07/30/2014.

11* Have been Vidya's student for many years and due to health reasons, have moved from her regular yoga and other fitness classes to chair yoga. I am so happy to have been able to do so because even though the exercises are done seated on a chair, I find that by the end of the class, I actually still break into a sweat. She constantly changes the sequences so that we are constantly challenged and motivated. At the same time, she helps us modify all exercises to fit our individual needs. This class is heaven-sent for me because without it, I would be at a loss as to how to keep up my activity level without doing further damage to my health. She is an excellent, involved and inspiring teacher. - Mona Das, Buffalo Grove, 01/15/2014.

10* I enjoy going to the class every week. The stretching has been very good for me. Vidya explains every move and makes sure everyone is doing it correctly. She also shows us how to modify if we need to. - Edie R. (Buffalo Grove), 10/21/2013.

9* I have been doing Vidya's class for over 2 years. She always makes it interesting And challenging. She is very patient and works with each person's personal needs. She is a very good teacher and I have learned many things from her that I not only do in class but can use at home on my own. I hope she continues to teach this class. - L.R. (Buffalo Grove), 03/26/2013.

8* Chair yoga has been so enjoyable! Vidya is a great and caring instructor! - Roberta Schacher (Arlington Heights), 03/18/2013.

7* I have osteoarthritis in my knees and feet and am unable to work out as much as I would like to and used to. Then I found Vidya's chair yoga and am very happy to be able to work out again. She has incorporated every single thing that we used to do in our regular yoga classes and adapted them to the chair. She suggests modifications for every pose so that each one can do it at their one comfort level. Other than the fact that it is easy on my knees and ankles, I feel no difference between these and my other yoga classes. We get a good workout and it keeps getting more challenging as we progress. Because she also includes breathing, meditation and laughter segments in the class, it is a total and complete workout for the mind, body and soul. She is a very patient and kind teacher with a sense of humor, which makes the classes a lot of fun. - M. D. (Buffalo Grove), 03/18/2013.

6* I love this class. Vidya's classes are challenging, but gentle at the same time. She is creative and encouraging. The laughter at the end of the class always sends me home with a smile on my face. - Linda Petty (Wheeling), 02/11/2013. 

5* Being a member of Vidya's chair yoga class since she started is testimony alone of my appreciation of her expertise. She encourages us to do all we can but does not push.

I know I am standing taller because of her and hope to be working with her for a long time to come. Thank you, Vidya! - P. M. (Buffalo Grove), 06/20/2012.

4* I have been participating in a senior chair Yoga class with Vidya for just over a year. She is very knowledgeable. She's also an excellent and engaging instructor. For those students who are less than limber, she always has alternative suggestions to move the new participants in easy steps. - Connie Churchill (Buffalo Grove), 06/18/2012.

3* My name is Sara Kalina. I am 70 years old. I have been taking yoga with Vidya for several years at the Buffalo Grove Park District. I like it so much I will be taking it twice a week. Vidya is a dynamic teacher who gives her students confidence to try new poses and to push a little further. Even though the class is composed of students of many different levels, Vidya makes it challenging for all of us. I love the breathing exercises as well as meditation and laughing exercises. My suggestion is don't say no, try it you"ll probably love it, like I do. - Sara Kalina (Buffalo Grove), 06/17/2012.

2* I'm an unusually active person for my age and totally enjoy Vidya's classes. Her Senior chair yoga class is age appropriate, fun and exciting. I look forward to the class each week and wish I could attend her class more frequently each week. I would highly recommend her classes to people of all ages. Contrary to belief, it's not just meditation, but also strength training and agility. - Aileen D'Souza (Buffalo Grove), 06/13/2012.

1* I enjoy being in Vidya's class. She is a wonderful instructor who is able to keep the class fresh and interesting. We are always challenged and motivated. I would recommend her Class to women of all ages. She works with each person to make sure that they are getting the full benefit of the program. Thanks Vidya. Love your class. - Louise Ryba (Buffalo Grove), 06/12/2012.