Chadwick Hosted Professional Development

September 2018

14-15 September 2018

Making the PYP Happen (Chadwick Faculty only)

October 2018

8, 10 October 2018

ManageBac and MYP Arts Consultancy with Ashley Coats (Chadwick staff only, Chadwick International)

17 October -12 December 2018

Teaching EAL Students in Mainstream Classrooms (TESMC) with Mirela Matesan (Chadwick International)

30-31 October- 1 November 2018

Erma Anderson Mathematics consultation (Chadwick Staff only) please see your coordinator

November 2018

1-4 November 2018

WIDA International Institute (Chadwick International)

24-25 November 2018

Concept Based curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom by Rachel French (OPEN for all please click here to register) (Chadwick International) CHADWICK STAFF ONLY SIGN UP HERE

30 November 2018

Google Apps Event: Google Bootcamp, (Chadwick International)

December 2018

1-2 December 2018

Google Apps Event, (Chadwick International)

1-2 December 2018

Matt Glover EARCOS sponsored Literacy workshop (Chadwick International) This workshop is FULL for Chadwick staff but there are still spots for EARCOS schools.

10-11 Dec 2018

Motivating the Unmotivated (aged 5 to 11) (Chadwick International)

12-13 Dec 2018

Motivating the Unmotivated (aged 12 to 18) (Chadwick International)

March 2019

4-5 March 2019

Embedding Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam (Chadwick International) Open for ALL please register here. CHADWICK STAFF ONLY SIGN UP HERE

9-10 March 2019

CULTURES OF THINKING: Practical and concrete ways educators can create a culture of thinking

by Ron Ritchhart (Chadwick International) Open for ALL please register here. CHADWICK STAFF ONLY SIGN UP HERE

October 2019

5-6 October 2019

DEVELOPING INTERNATIONAL MINDEDNESS AND PROMOTING STUDENT ACTION: Adding depth and meaning through service learning by Cathryn Berger-Kaye (tbc)

19-20 October 2019

Innovative Global Education (IGE) workshop series (Chadwick International) to be announced