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We are all using online tools more than ever! Here is some information to help with the need for tech support! We will try to respond to tech questions and emails within 24 hours. If you have an urgent need, please let us know in the Subject Line!

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Why do we have a student email address?

Students need to use assigned email addresses to both receive email updates being sent from the School as well as give access to the Student RenWeb account.

Why do we have a new Student RenWeb Account?

Students are able to upload assignments and take tests inside their Student RenWeb account. This allows them to submit their work directly to their teachers, avoiding multiple emails and keeping work in one place. It also gives easy access to assignments and syllabus information, ensuring you have recent updates.

I forgot my student email address.

Your student email address is: exactly as Parents have entered that information in their enrollment in RenWeb and can be seen in the Parent RenWeb account under Student. This email address does not change.

I forgot my original, assigned password.

Your password is the word "student" followed by your ID number. Example: student12345 (the number in this case is 12345 being your 5-digit student ID number). Inside the Parent RenWeb account, both students and parents have been assigned ID numbers. A student's ID number is listed with their basic information. If you need this ID number again, email us.

I changed my password but forgot it.

Reset your password. Both Gmail & RenWeb understand that users often forget passwords. They allow you to click on "Forgot my password" where you can follow the directions. If you are unable to reset your password, email us.

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