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Welcome to the new website of the Central Florida Chapter of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society, or as we affectionately call is CFCFSMS or the Great Central Florida Chapter!

We are the 2017-2018 Large Chapter of the Year for the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society!!

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From Southeastern Surveying:

CFC-FSMS Members

All of our SSMC team members (family & friends) in our Panama / Chipley / surrounding areas survived Hurricane Michael.

Some have SEVERE uninhabitable homes.

If you wish to drop off donations:

Orlando Office

6500 All American Blvd.,

Orlando, FL 32810

Tampa Office

University Corporate Park

10770 North 46th Street, Suite C-300,

Tampa, FL 33617

We will make sure it’s gets delivered to our friends and family in need.

Our 3rd truck rolls out tomorrow morning; however, we will continue to collect and deliver until somewhat normalcy

is back into their lives.

NEEDED: WATER / WATER / WATER / fuel / charcoal / propane / matches / lighter fluid / chain saw chains / baby wipes /

Canned soups / food / individual snacks / nuts / bug spray / sun block / batteries / anything hurricane supply….

They only have a Wal-Mart & 1 gas station up and running in the area. There are 2 lines of vehicles pretty much of people

pouring into get what they can.

MANY loved ones did not have ample time to prepare, all news stated it was going to be a Level 1, then it quickly turned

into a nightmare.

We are creating a “Go Fund Me Account” if you’d like to donate in lieu of dropping of donations:

Thank you for your support of our loved ones / family friends!!!

Kind Regards,

Heather Marie Krick

Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corporation

Marketing Manager

6500 All American Blvd., Orlando, FL 32810

(407) 292-8580 x2239

Central Florida Chapter of FSMS: Benchmark Editor (2013-2017)

CFC-FSMS: Associate Director (2015-2016, 2016-2017, October 2018-2019)

If you know of other surveyors and/or companies wanting to request donations on behalf of their employees, please email me at

The election Results are In!

The first ballot results are here.

The results for the 2018-2019 Slate of officers are as follows:

  • President-Elect (Tie) Sam Hall and Eric Cain
  • Vice President-Ralph Nieto
  • Secretary-Chris Laberge
  • Treasurer-Hank Hanson
  • Directors-Christy Graves, Ryan Johnson and Jim Mazurak
  • Associate Director-Heather Krick

The President-Elect Run-Off results are here.

  • The President-Elect is Sam Hall