What is

Give Local?

Give Local is an annual giving tradition!

Hosted by Connecticut Community Foundation and sponsored by Ion Bank Foundation for the sixth consecutive year, Give Local Greater Waterbury and Litchfield Hills will be held on April 24-25 to benefit the vital work of hundreds of nonprofit organizations in the region.

During this fun and inspiring 36-hour online give-a-thon:

Every dollar donated at www.givelocalCCF.org is boosted with bonus funds provided by Connecticut Community Foundation and generous sponsors, adding excitement and incentives while raising essential funds for the work of hundreds of local nonprofits.

The Give Local site makes it easy to give to multiple non-profit funds and organizations all at once.

Give Local Bethlehem

Give Local Bethlehem is a site provided by Caring for Bethlehem, Inc. designed to help Bethlehem residents and friends target their giving for the Bethlehem Community where they most wish to help.

You may give to one, several, or all of the Bethlehem Funds and Organizations. The choice is yours.

The Give Local Bethlehem site provides:

      • information about Bethlehem Funds and Organizations to help decision-making,
      • direct links to Give Local for Bethlehem Funds and Organizations, and
      • links to the websites of Bethlehem Organizations.