Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club

Guests are always welcome (see calendar times & for details):

  • Business Meeting is held on 2nd Wednesday of month

  • Activity Meeting is held on 4th Wednesday of month

Current members, new years starts July, renew now! Membership for those under 25 years of age is now free!

Next Meetings-

  • Aug 10, 7:30 PM- Business Meeting in-person & Zoom. WA3JAT talk on CTTF

  • Aug 24, 5:00 PM- Activity Meeting - Picnic @ Waterworks Park, CFO

Are you a new ham, a returning ham or a seasoned ham hoping to get started in a new area of Amateur Radio? We have members that are always willing and ready to assist you with any aspect of Amateur Radio. Our mentors can assist you in setting up a station, putting up antennas, picking equipment, learning about a new mode or almost anything ham related. Just visit us or contact us via