It's so awesome you want to come and do a graduate degree with me! I would love to hear from. Unfortunately I get waaaaaaay too many emails these days. I I highly recommend reading this nifty little guide to writing faculty members

I can take students either through Radboud AI or the data science program, I welcome any and all students.

Albeit please consider a few things.

I highly recommend looking at the groups emphasis please take a look in the research tab. I love hearing bright new ideas and non-obvious insights

For M.Sc students:

  1. Have you checked out the things I am scientifically interested, and working on ? Please do to see if we are aligned

  2. I usually don't take students without meeting them and talking to them at least once.

  3. You need to have a very high level of mathematical/analytical skills. Wonder what that? is look at some of my publications

  4. Not a must but a great bonus if you took my course Applied Machine Learning

  5. I highly encourage you to talk to my other students

For Ph.D students:

If you are interested in our work, and your mind is exploding with creative ideas, please contact us to explore possibilities

  1. I am always happy to talk to any and all students on anything science related.

  2. If you come from an interdisciplinary background that is a huge plus and should not discourage you from working with the group. I love interacting with people from all disciplines .

  3. I usually don't take students without meeting them and working with them a bit to see the fit.

  4. There are a lot of funding opportunities out there, I am more than happy to work with students to obtain them. Have your own funding? Fantastic! If not, please see the groups website to see if I have ways to fund you already

Also feel free to look at the FAQ page which I continually update.

Good luck with your search!!