Some things that I often get asked about.

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Machine learning

do you have any recommendations for books on machine learning that I could read?

Fantastic question, there are a lot of books out there that can help you transition into machine learning. Try and see many different opinions and perspectives. A good starting point:

  1. Elements of Statistical Learning - Written by the people who made most of the landmark developments in the field

  2. Probabilistic Machine Learning - Fantastic background into the more CS world of machine learning

  3. Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms - A bit more mathematical with strong emphasis on optimization and algorithmic execution

  4. Foundations of Machine Learning, - By far one of favorite book, very strong emphasis on mathematical aspects such as PAC learning

  5. I also highly recommend Stanford course on Machine Learning

Deep Learning

do you have any recommendations on where should I start understanding deep learning?

Fantastic question! Deep learning is still constantly evolving and changing, and doing research in it is to always stay on the cutting edge

  1. Neural Networks and Deep Learning Is an absolutely stellar introduction from scratch and should really be your starting point

  2. Deep Learning is a nice introduction overview into some of the practices

  3. Introduction to Deep Learning tutorials is a very good place to start with some applied aspects of DL

  4. Stanford Computer Vision is a very nice intro to computer vision with deep learning

  5. Deep Learning at Oxford is by far by favorite course by the amazing nando de freitas

  6. The Principles of Deep Learning Theory - gives an in depth perspective to deep learning

Radboud Related Teaching/Advising

I wanna do a bachelors or masters in AI, what should I go over ?

A super important question. Study your math and fundamentals properly . Come well prepared on your linear algebra, calculus, optimization, statistics and probability. If you have the time it's super worthwhile for AI students to go over Information theory

I wanna do a masters with you!

That's great! Please see the information on this page for prospective students

Will you be my Bachelor's thesis supervisor

That's great! Please see the information on this page for prospective masters students

Will you be a second reader for my Bachelor's thesis

Apologies but due to time constraints of the semester, I don’t read Bachelor's theses that are not from students I supervise. If you are really in a jam I can try to help out though if it's something that is in my domain

Will you be a second reader for my masters thesis

I love reading new science, albeit I don't feel I can judge something that is outside my area of expertise. If you are aligned with my research then you can give it a try and contact me