Scholarship News

Central’s Scholarship Procedures

1. Central’s local Scholarship list starts every October. In the beginning most scholarships are national online searches. At this time most seniors are applying for college and any institutional scholarships that they meet the eligibility requirements for.

2. The majority of the scholarships will be on the list from December and run through April. The list will get bigger throughout the school year.

3. The list itself is just a brief description of each scholarship. Any scholarship that is a local scholarship or that is brought to the counseling office’s attention is added to the list.

4. If there is a website available, it is listed so the student can investigate further if needed as well as print out the application or apply online.

5. The list is updated at the beginning of each month when new scholarships are added and expired ones are removed. The list will also be posted on the school’s website and is linked above under Monthly Scholarship List. It will be posted in the Class’s google classroom for seniors that is ran by Miss Lohman.

6. The Committee to Support Central currently acts as a steward for the following scholarship funds. These scholarships are each awarded annually to deserving C.C.H.S students in order to assist them in their post-secondary pursuits & objectives.

  • The John Westendorf Memorial Scholarship
  • The Blake Thole Memorial Football Scholarship
  • The Silver Cougars Educational Scholarship
  • The Kathy McCoy Memorial Scholarship
  • The Purple-Illini Scholarship
  • The Cougar Pride Scholarship
  • CCHS Alumni Scholarship
  • Allen Warnecke Memorial Scholarship
  • Luke Korte Memorial Scholarship
  • Jake Arter Memorial Scholarship
  • "Speedy" Benhoff Memorial Scholarship

7. The list is by no means all-inclusive as there are new scholarships that are developed every year. Parents should always check with your place of employment to see if there is a scholarship through the company.

8. If there are ever any scholarships available for underclassmen, they are put directly in the daily announcements for all students.