Talmadge Middle School

Principal: Perry LaBounty - plabounty@central.k12.or.us

Vice Principal: Rosa Diaz-Avery - rdiazavery@central.k12.or.us

TMS Educator of the Year

The 2021-2022 Talmadge Middle School Educator of the Year is Karina Newbeck. Karina wears many hats at our school. She teaches WEB, AVID along with 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies. Karina selflessly gives so much of her own time throughout the school year. You can drive by our school at all hours and she's probably there working. The students that are in her classes, look up to her and respect her. She creates lasting, meaningful bonds and the students know she would do anything for them at any time. She throws everything at her job as an educator. It is so much more than just teaching. She mentors and grows a group of future leaders in her WEB class. She lifts up and challenges the kids in her AVID class. She has high expectations for her students and shows them how much she cares every day. She is a dynamo and this community is so very lucky to have her here helping kids learn to be good humans.

TMS Office Contact Information

Main Phone Line | 503.606.2252

Registrar | 503.606.2270

Talmadge Middle School works to create an environment where every student & their family feels welcomed, supported, safe & valued.

Talmadge Middle School strives to have every student engaged, supported, challenged, & prepared, to achieve & be successful in school, career, college & community. Talmadge Middle School seeks community partners to engage in collaboration for student success in a safe, healthy, prosperous, & inclusive community. Our Staff engage in student-centered decision-making, problem-solving, professional development, focused on continuous improvement & growth.

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