Welcome 7th Graders!

I am thrilled to be your 7th grade Math, Science, Religion, and Health teacher for the 2018-19 school year! I am excited to work with you and see first hand the growth that you will undergo, both academically and personally. The content areas that we will be covering this year are extremely engaging and interesting. It is my hope to increase your awareness and knowledge of the world around us.

My goal is to cultivate a growth mindset by working together to create a classroom environment that is:

- centered around respect and empathy for each other

- focused on learning

- productive and positive

- student centered - students take ownership of their learning and are responsible for their own success

This website is designed to provide information that will help you be successful and productive this school year. Use it wisely and often! I will be using Google Classroom to post videos, notes, and other relevant information. We will discuss this more in detail on the first day of class.

I know we will have a great year together and I am honored to be part of your 7th grade experience!

With appreciation,

Mrs. Forker