Connequot's First Annual Celebration of the Seal

On April 6th Connetquot seniors celebrated earning their New York State Seal of Biliteracy. New York State enjoys a rich linguistic and cultural diversity. Statewide our students speak over 200 languages. Recognizing the importance of this diversity, the New York State Legislature established in 2012 the New York State Seal of Biliteracy, awarded for the first time to NYS students in 2016. This recognition is awarded by the Commissioner of Education to students achieving a high level of proficiency in two or more world languages, one being English. This seal is affixed to the students’ diploma and transcript documenting this achievement.

This NYSSB affirms the value of diversity in a multilingual society, it encourages the study of languages as well as prepares students with 21st century skills. This year we have 85 students who have earned the NYSSB, four earning the Seal in two or more languages. In order to earn the Seal, students are required to continue their language learning at the intermediate to advanced level, evidence proficiency in English as well as complete an investigatory project. Students are required to select a research topic with the guidance of their teachers, culminating in a presentation to peers and teachers on the committee. This year our students selected a variety of amazing topics, some among them are the role of art in society, the Holocaust, fascism, workers’ rights, dance and music, fairy tales and mental health.

Congratulations to you all!


Lindsey Johnson

*Alexa Valensisi


*Victoria Buck

Constance Cafiero

*Salvatore Castellano

Melissa Giordano

*Emily Homayoon

Natalie Jo Pedersen

Julianna Randazzo

Daniell Roppelt

Nevarian Saladino

Julianne Ventimiglia

Stacy Vilca


Isabella Andres

John Armenia

Patricio Arpi Sánchez

Julian Bakula

Sierra Baldock

*Victoria Buck

Bridgette Caggiano

*Salvatore Castellano

Taylor Catello

Stephanie Chen

Karly Colletti

Emily Crain

Heather Crowley

Kaylee Cummings

Lauren Dailey


Oishi Dey

Madeleine DiGaetano

Paige Dreyfus

Colleen Duggan

Mia Flores

Joanna Forest

Ava Franks

Kay Giaccone

Alussia González

Nicholas Gregorek

Patrick Hocker

*Emily Homayoon

Isabella Horan

Jessica Iaboni

Anthony Jackalone

Carlos Jadan

Brendan Jorgensen

Dominic Kaufman

Paige Kelly

Isabella Kerr

Alif Khan

Ameem Khan

Ella LeBrun

Breymy Ledesma

Kaitlyn Lenz

Ginamarie Mannino

Lukas Martino

Evan Mistler

Emily Mohr

Abigail Molter

Traysia Moston

Brigid Murphy


Lauren Murphy

Ann O'Connor

Annaliese Olsen

Samantha Ortiz

Alexandra Peláez

Lauren Piel

Arianna Platti

Isabella Portillo

Hannorah Ragusa

Emily Rewkowski

Nicholas Rivera

Jonathan Roddin

Dominic Ruggiero

Elizabeth Sauber

Alana Scandiffio

Hailey Scheyder

Laney Schmitz

Danah Singh

Heather Stein

Hannah Steiner

Robert Summers

Emerson Tagliaferri

*Alexa Valensisi

Cadence Vizza

Lindsei Walsh

Jamie White

Skylar Winslow

Brian Zecchini

Ethan Zhang

*Indicates multiple languages

Celebrating Foreign Language Week at Connetquot

March has been a very busy month for Connetquot World Language students! The month was kicked off with International Night followed by a week of celebrating language learning and culture. Students and staff dressed the part, representing their heritage and language pride!

Ave! Students in Mrs. Lehnert’s physical education classes learned all about Roman soldiering and gladiators. After traveling to Rome with some of our high school students Mrs. Lehnert incorporated what we learned from the Roman Gladiator School, recreating an obstacle course designed to fight like a Roman! Loved the interdisciplinary activity! Grazie Signora Lehnert helping us celebrate Foreign language Week!

Want to learn more about Roman soldiering? Check out this link


March 8th we celebrated International Women’s Day. Signor Vettorato’s classes celebrated with a special treat for the ladies in his classes, recognizing the achievements of women from all over the world. (Not sure if he actually baked them though.)

FL Week

Sras. Madden, Rothmeier, DeFelice, Roy-Cafrey, Paz, Sr. Benito, Sra. Fusco, Sr. Vettorato representing!

FL Week

Sr. Vettorato, Sra. DeFelice, Sr. Arias, Sra. Pas, Sra. Fusco, Sra. Santi and Sra. Rutkowski giving new meaning to throw back Thursday during World Language Week!

International Night Festivities, March 1, 2022

Connetquot High School ushered in National Foreign Language Week with a celebration of cultural delights! Students from the World Language Honor Society and International club created a cultural fair representing global communities with food, music, dance, games, and fun!

La Passarella di Ronkonkoma

Signora Costa's Italian students rocking the runway!

Signora Costa's Italian Students at Ronkonkoma celebrating fashion week!

La Befana è arrivata!

Signora DeFelice’s students were surprised with a visit from La Befana, the Italian witch. Legend has it that la Befana, an unattractive witch, was sweeping the floor of her cottage when the three wise men come across her home. She offers them her hospitality and in return the Magi invite her to go along with them to Bethlehem. She at first declines but soon after changes her mind. She fills her basket with gifts for the baby Jesus and sets off alone to find the creche. Although she followed the same star, she was unable to find it. In modern times, she travels the world by night on her broom, the eve of the Epiphany, January 5th, looking for the child, leaving behind chocolates and goodies for good Italian children and coal for the not so good. Of course, Signora DeFelice’s children were delighted with the goodies!

Celebrando El Día de los Reyes Magos

Señora Ruyle’s elementary students learned about El día de los Reyes Magos, Three Kings Day. Students placed shoes filled with hay and a bowl of water by the door awaiting the arrival of the three kings. January 6th is celebrated around the world as one of the most important days in the Catholic calendar. Spanish speaking cultures, as well as Italian, Portuguese, French and many others, celebrate the day by gift giving, eating traditional delights, parades and family gatherings. Also known as the Feast of the Epiphany, it marks the day the three wise men arrive to Bethlehem guided by the Christmas Star, bearing gifts for the baby Jesus. This day is traditionally the day for exchanging gifts and in Spanish speaking cultures children leave their shoes out by the door, or at the foot of the bed with the hopes that the Three Kings will leave treats for them. Children leave carrots and hay for the camels much like American children leave cookies and milk for Santa and treats for the reindeer.

La Leyenda de la Flor de Noche Buena

Students participating in the FLES program at Idle Hour Bosti Elementary schools learned about the legend of the Poinsettia, creating paper replicas of the sacred plant. The poinsettia plant, or cuetlaxochitl as it called in Nahuatl, is native to Mexico and grows wild. It was used by the Aztecs to treat fevers and other ailments as well as in textiles for creating dyes. The sap of the plant is also used to produce latex.

The Mexican legend tells the story of Pepita, a young peasant girl who on her way to Christmas Eve mass was feeling sad because she had no gift to offer the baby Jesus. Her cousin, Pedro, reassured her, telling her that any gift, even the smallest, given by someone who loved him, would be a special gift. So, feeling inspired, Pepita collected a bouquet of weeds and approached the altar. Feeling embarrassed at the humility of her gift, she remembered what Pedro had said to her and mustered up the courage to place the weeds at the foot of the pesebre, or Nativity. The weeds suddenly burst into bright red flowers in the shape of a star. Everyone understood this was a miracle and from then on, the plant was known as La Flor de Noche Buena or the flower of the Holy Night.

IMG_5114 (1).MOV

Singing a joyful holiday cheer en español !

Curious about learning French?

Check out this video created by Ms. Kramer's French students!

Ojal Sharma, 8th grader at Ronkonkoma Middle School, created this original artwork that was submitted to the Long Island Language Teachers Association (LILT) poster contest. Students were encouraged to submit a poster that represented the theme, "Languages Break Barriers." Ms. Goldacker, an ENL teacher at RMS, supported her students efforts and submitted this entry on Ojal's behalf.


Great job, team!

(not in photo: Mr. Arias and Ms. Ruyle - sorry we missed you!)

Welcome to the Department of World Languages and ENL (English as a New Language)!




Join us as we present fun VIRTUAL workshops for our ELLs throughout the year! We also will be posting three informational videos for parents of our ENL students and are preparing for Movie Night, too.

Visit the Events Page to find out more!

High Schoolers...It is TIME to THINK ABOUT


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