Standards Based Grading

How does CCSD93 support students as they learn within a Standards Based environment?

Multiple supports are in place, including:



-Intervention programs in reading and mathematics

-English Language Learner support

-Special Education Services

-Gifted/Advanced Services

-Mentor Program


Voices from the Field

Below are articles and research presented on Standards Based Reporting. While CCSD93 does not follow every practice listed in the articles and videos below, the information and research shows the large shift in grading and assessment practices around the nation throughout the years.

Five Obstacles to Grading Reform - ASCD Article by Thomas Guskey

Grading Exceptional Learners - ASCD Article by Lee Ann Jung and Thomas R. Guskey

Grading to Communicate - ASCD Article by Tony Winger

Improving the Way We Grade Science - ASCD Article by Jacqueline B. Clymer and Dylan Wiliam

Making the Grade: What Benefits Students - ASCD Article by Thomas R. Guskey

Making the Grades - ASCD article by Ken O'Connor

Seven Reasons for Standards-Based Grading - ASCD Article by Patricia L. Scriffiny

Skills, Big Ideas, and Getting Grades Out of the Way - MIT Faculty Newsletter article by Patrick Henry Winston

Its Time to Stop Averaging Grades - AMLE Article by Rick Wormeli

The "Participation" Grade - ASCD article by Thomas R. Guskey, Jay McTighe, and Ken O'Connor