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CCSD Proof of Insurance/Assumption of Risk Policy: CCSD students are required to show proof of medical and/or accident insurance - or - apply for WY Kid Care CHIP before being allowed to participate in school-sponsored interscholastic activities at any level. Insurance coverage must include practice as well as competition. Students with no insurance must meet with the building AD. A student must have a signed Assumption of Risk/Medical/HIPAA Consent Form on file before they will be allowed to practice or participate in an activity. (Activities Student/Parent Guidebook pg.5)

CCSD Physical Policy: A student must have a current physical, signed by a doctor and dated on or after May 1st of the current school year on file at the school of the activity and verified by the coach/sponsor BEFORE they will be allowed to practice in an athletic activity/sport the following school year. Students CANNOT practice without a current physical on file at the school of the activity and until it has been verified with the coach/sponsor of that activity. (Activities Student/Parent Guidebook pg.5)

CCSD Out-of-Town Transportation Policy: In order to participate in any school function scheduled out-of-town, a student must travel to and is expected to travel from the activity in school furnished or school authorized transportation. If parents wish to take their child home with them after an activity, they must request this permission from the coach/sponsor and provide a note saying they are relieving the coach/sponsor of all responsibility for the return trip home. The parents should arrange this with the coach/sponsor prior to the activity trip whenever possible.

Students may not ride home with anyone other than their legal guardians unless parents wish to have their child released to another adult (21 or older) after an activity. A CCSD Liability Waiver Form from the building AD's office should be completed and approved at least 48 hours before the activity trip begins. The coach/sponsor will have the receiving adult sign and date the form before releasing the student. (Activities Student/Parent Guidebook pg. 9-10)