CCSD Adventurarium

The Science Center was created to serve as an extension for science classrooms in Campbell County School District and the surrounding area. With the help of educators, local businesses and both the city and county government, the Science Center has grown to over 10,000 square feet! Many of our exhibits and critters have been donated to us by the public and by businesses in our area. While we focus mainly on providing learning opportunities for the local schools during the school year, we gladly invite the public to visit us during our posted public hours.

During the last school year, students and members of the public visited the Science Center. From within the district, we had 257 visits from elementary classes, 28 visits from secondary science classes, and 39 visits from out-of-district classes. For the past five years, the number of visitors to the Science Center has increased yearly.

Of the total 10,000 square feet available to us, approximately 7,000 square feet is filled with over 60 interactive exhibits and animal displays. This makes the Science Center the perfect place to cure a thirst for science knowledge. As many as three classes per day visit the Science Center. While many classes are from local schools, we have classes come from around the state and some even visit us from surrounding states.

The remaining 3,000 square feet of the Science Center is devoted to the care, or husbandry, of our animals, storage and maintenance of exhibits, and providing educational science kits to teachers in the district for use in the classroom. Many teachers use our science kits to supplement their science curriculum and to provide more opportunities to expand the science knowledge of the district's students.

Please call us at 307-686-3821 with any questions about our facility.