Studio in

Media Arts

Studio in Media Arts is a full-year foundation art course designed to serve a wide range of students with a variety of interests and abilities. Successful completion of this course will satisfy the NYS graduation requirement of a unit of credit in Art and/or Music.

This course acts as an introduction to the Elements of Art and Principles of Design via the use of technological applications such as, but is not limited to, computer graphics and digital photography. The programs that students will primarily use are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. With a focus of providing exposure to many aspects of media and current technological tools (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3D Printing, Video, Animation, etc.), an integration of traditional media and a variety of techniques will be used in the process of creating art. In addition to the “hands-on” approach, students will investigate artists whose work are relevant, and will be exposed to a variety of art careers and artistic movements.

Students will work from observation as well as from imagination, and they are required to keep a journal/sketchbook. The sketchbook must echo the concepts and work being covered in class. It will be a student journal of visual impressions as well as the notebook for the course.

There will be a Final project which will test the students’ knowledge and ability to use the skills learned in class.

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