2022 GACs

We are very pleased to present three GACs for 2022:

Authors: Kohitij Kar, Greta Tuckute, Joel Zylberberg, SueYeon Chung, Alona Fyshe, Evelina Fedorenko, Konrad Kording, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

Authors: Kevin Smith, Todd Gureckis, Marcelo Mattar, Kelsey Allen, Fred Callaway, Ernest Davis, Judith Fan, Tom Griffiths, Jessica Hamrick, Wei Ji Ma, Kimberly Stachenfeld, Joshua Tenenbaum, Tomer Ullman

Authors: Malcolm A. MacIver, Nathaniel D. Daw, German Espinosa, Jessica B. Hamrick, Mark K. Ho, A. David Redish, Bradly C. Stadie, Jane X. Wang

All three GACs will have kickoff workshops at CCN 2022 in San Francisco!

This year, we are hosting our discussions/open reviews right here on the CCN GAC website using Disqus!

Each GAC proposal has its own page (linked above) where you can download and read the proposal, and a box like the one below, where you can leave comments, reviews, and reactions.

You'll need to create a Disqus account or log into Disqus using a google account or similar in order to leave a comment/review.

You can create an account or log in with google using the Disqus box below to see how the system works and to discuss the GAC project in general. To leave comments for a specific GAC, please visit that GAC's individual page, linked above.