Ways to Give

Simple Gifts

We have the staff and expertise to assist donors with complex and challenging planned giving. But more often donors already know how to make a meaningful, logical and simple gift.

A common example is a the donation of a load of grain. When the load is delivered to the elevator or terminal, the donor simply has the proceeds from the sale directed to our Foundation. The same idea can be used with cattle or any other commodity. The donor then lets us know what parish or ministry to direct the donation.

Logical Gifts

Another example of a meaningful, logical and simple gift is the distribution of IRA proceeds for those over 70 1/2 (and in some cases 72). Since the law requires a mandatory distribution at that point, some donors direct the distributions directly to the Foundation, thereby avoiding any taxable income. The donor does not receive a charitable contribution, but can direct a donation of up to $100,000 to the parish, school, cemetery or ministries of their choice. Make one gift to the Foundation and we will distribute it to as many beneficiaries you choose with NO fees attached

Bunching Gifts

Some donors may benefit from concentrating, or “bunching” their charitable contributions for potential income tax savings. So what is bunching and how can it provide tax savings? It is concentrating, for example, doubling your charitable giving in tax year one and then not making charitable donations in tax year two. In this way, a donor may be able to itemize deductions in tax year one with the additional charitable contributions, while then using the standard deduction in year two. The strategy maximizes the impact of your itemized deductions combined with the standard deduction over a two-year tax horizon

By combining the bunching strategy with a donor-advised fund in the Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota, you can still smooth the amount received from you by your Parish, Cemetery, Catholic school, or other charitable organizations on an annual basis, and keep their funding from you consistent with your previous year’s giving. Even though you double up your charitable contribution to a donor-advised fund in tax year one, you can recommend distributions from your donor-advised fund over the two year period.

Please contact us to see how concentrating your charitable contributions through “bunching” and a donor-advised fund might be a beneficial option for you.

Donor Advised Funds

What is a Donor Advised Fund? This is a donor-designated fund that gives you flexibility in your charitable giving. Similar to a checking account, but for charitable purposes. After you put funds into the account you can designate any portion to the charity of your choice, and we take care of the rest.

Are donor advised funds costly? Here at the Catholic Community Foundation we keep donor advised funds simple. There are no load fees, no distribution fees, and no minimums in funding or in the support you give to an individual charity. Simply put there are no fees at all with our Donor advised funds.

How long does it take to set up? We can set up a donor advised fund the same day with quick and simple paperwork. Simply contact your local Catholic Community Foundation staff member here.

Can I only fund a Donor Advised Fund with cash? No, you can fund a Donor Advised Fund with a variety of non-cash assets. Many people use stock, mutual funds, or other appreciated assets as a way to maximize their charitable deduction.

Why at the end of the year? When you deposit funds, or assets, into your donor advised fund you receive all possible charitable gift deduction right away. This allows you to immediately receive all the tax deductions you would like before the end of year. You then have time to plan our your giving when you are not pressured by the end of the year IRS deadline. This allows you to look at your tax situation at the end of every year, and still make charitable gifts throughout the entire year.

We asked some of our donors why they liked to use our donor advised funds, here what they had to say:
“They are simple and easy to use. Plus there is no charge and I have someone else take care of the work”.
“It allows me to put much of my giving on auto payment and makes my charitable receipts easy”.
“I am able to give stock when the market is best for me, while giving gifts to multiple charities throughout the year”.

Many times the most meaningful gift we can give is when we leave this earthly life. Not matter the size of the gift, treating the church like one of your family in your estate is a beautiful way to honor the blessings God gave you. It may be easier than you think! If you would like to visit about leaving a lasting legacy for you and the ministries you care the most about, lets visit.

How can I help create your Legacy of Faith

& experience the Joy of Giving?

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Preparing ourselves (or our loved ones) for the end of life can be overwhelming, even scary. Yet, as Christians, we live in great hope of the reality of God's promise. Death is not the end! The Diocese and the Catholic Community Foundation have partnered to offer you a comprehensive End of Life Planning workbook from a Catholic perspective. This workbook includes helpful information to archive family history, prepare and document important paperwork, plan your funeral and discern your options for sharing your earthly gifts. We look forward to accompanying you with this important planning. Contact us to set an appointment today.