Local Board Members:  Wayne & Mary Puetz, Dick & Darlene Muth, Fred & Joan DeRouchey


“Why” we exist

To provide a Future Full of Hope for the people

of eastern South Dakota and beyond. 


“How” we do what we do 

Helping people grow deeper in love with Christ 

by sharing their gifts in gratitude to God.

“What” we do 

We raise, manage and distribute God’s gifts 

to donor-directed ministries.


Living faith in ministry

We are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

We believe our work is ministry, guided by the Holy Spirit.

We believe that all we are, have and will be is a gift from God.

Exercising responsibility

We believe in responsible stewardship.

We affirm good judgement and integrity through honesty and transparency.

We have a fiscally responsible investment policy that adheres to Catholic values.

Achieving Excellence

We partner with parishes, priests and donors to strengthen ministries.

We distribute God’s gifts to donor directed ministries.

We strive to provide what the prophet Jeremiah called a “future full of hope” for Catholic Church in eastern South Dakota.