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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  My name is Vanessa Lozada, and I look forward to being your son or daughter’s Spanish teacher this year. This is my 16th year teaching Spanish in Columbia County and I enjoy the challenge of educating students.  

As a teacher and a parent, I realize that in order for our children to be successful, it is important that you and I work together in guiding them to learn responsibility for their education. This year I am teachingStudy Skills, Spanish 3 , and AP Spanish Language and Culture. If you want a quick response, please email me to communicate a concern

In addition, I recommend that you access parent portal, which is the online grading system that Columbia County uses. It is a good tool to know how your child is doing in the areas of grades and attendance. You can become aware of problems before it is too late to correct them. 

I look forward to teaching your student. Stay well and safe!


                   Señora Lozada

Dear Students,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  My name is Vanessa Lozada, and I look forward to being your teacher. Please make sure that you have access to Microsoft 365 and Google Classroom so that you can communicate with me and receive important information about assignments or assessments. Also, when you sign into your Google Classroom account you will be able to see your weekly agenda and resources for each unit. I will provide you the code per class period during the first week of school. There you will find resources, assignments and assessments. Remember that you always have something to practice and something to learn in español. If you need to contact me, you can do so via email

You need to make sure that you can sign into your Classlink. This is where Spanish 3 students will find the online textbook  Avancemos 3.  AP students should go to and create an account for the AP Spanish Language and Culture textbook, Temas. If you need help signing into your Classlink account click here for instructions. 

I look forward to teaching you. Stay well and safe! 


                                Señora Lozada

About your teacher

I was born in Spain but grew up in Puerto Rico. My husband is in the US Army. We have lived in several states due to his job. I have three daughters who graduated from both GTHS and UGA as well as a dog. I love sports, music, and learning about different cultures. 

Interesting fact about me: I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with an associates degree in physical therapy. I then went to what we know as Augusta University and completed my BA in Spanish Teaching as well as, an MEd and EdS in Curriculum & Instruction. I am also Gifed and ESOL Endorsed. 

Classlink and Google Classroom

How can I access Classlink? Questions about Google Classroom for Students?

                                                   I will give you the Google Classroom Codes the first week of school.

Student Email Support

                          Student Email Support 

     Here is a list of supplies: 

1 - binder or folder with prongs to hold handouts       

1 - composition notebook           

 loose leaf paper    

Highlighters  (at least 2 and they must be in different colors)         

Writing utensils (pencils, erasers, and pens - at least 2 pens and in different colors)                                                                    

If you don't have access to technology, please let me know.  

***Donations are greatly appreciated: 

Disinfecting wipes/spray              antibacterial               facial tissues                 paper towels

Sra. Lozada's daily schedule (Room 301)

1st pd Study Skills

2nd pd Spanish 3

3rd pd Planning

4th pd AP Spanish /Sp.4

5th pd Spanish 3

B lunch

6th pd Spanish 4

7th pd Spanish 4

If you need extra help or to make up something, please check with me. The school offers an after school activity service  making those days the best days and times for tutoring /make up.

 Honor Society Students: 

Spanish Honor Society is by invitation only during the 2nd semester of Spanish 3. If you join Spanish Honor Society remember that you must complete 5 hours per semester of volunteer work (log in our Google Classroom), 10 total per year if you want to remain an active member and maintain a 90 or above average in Spanish. Finally, pay the dues every year and come to meetings. I