Mr. Barfields LIfe SCience Class

My name is Mr. Barfield and I will be your Life Science teacher this year in 7th Grade. I have been here at Harlem MIddle for 7 years. Besides teaching science, I am also the A-Team Softball coach here at HMS and the High School Track Coach. In my spare time, I Umpire Baseball, softball, and basketball. In science this year we will cover a variety of topics that deals with the basics of life all the way to major organisms and biomes that are located all over the world. I will plan to incorporate labs and projects into the curriculum. I hope that you are ready for the adventure to begin.

Overview of Life Science:

This year in LIfe Sciecne we will be covering a wide range of topics that will be broken down into 5 different units and we will have end of Quarter Tests this year. The Units Are:

Unit 1: Structure & Function of Cells

Unit 2: Cell Process: Osmosis & Diffusion

Unit 3: Cell Process: Photosyntesis, Cellular Respiration, Mitosis

Unit 4: Heredity & Genetics

Unit 5: Human Body

Unit 6: Evolution & Organization of Life

Unit 7: Biomes, Ecology & Animals

Unit 8: Interactions among living things

Each Core Class will have a Google Classroom where I will add additional resources and post important information for students and parents.

Google Classrooms:

Core 1: z5357qm

Core 2: qlllwag

Core 5: ztclklk

Core 6: pakpdkl

Core 7: ds2qkyn