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1st Period: World History

2nd Period: World History

3rd Period: World Geography

4th Period: World Geography

5th Period: World Geography

6th Period: Planning

7th Period: World History

Contact Information

Email: sherry.fleming@ccboe.net

I normally respond to emails within 24 hours. I normally do not check my emails after 4 p.m.

World Geography 2021.webm
World History Welcome Presentation 2021.webm

Google Classroom Codes

1st period: nturugm

2nd period: fohcnae

3rd period: uvu27e2

4th period: xsob4k4

5th period: hzufwoy

7th period : rvzxr5m


Calendars update when I post assignments in Google Classroom. I encourage you to have your child log into Google Classroom and show you what they are working on in class.