9th Grade English

Anhalt Bitmoji Virtual Classroom

Our mission is to reach, to engage and to inspire our greatest potential.

My contact information:

Mrs. Anhalt

email: carole.anhalt@ccboe.net

I normally respond to email throughout the school day in a timely manner.

I will communicate upcoming deadlines for tests and projects on Google Classroom and /or Google Calendar. You can also check your specific class link above for due dates.

Please check Parent Portal to keep track of your progress. Grades are updated on a regular basis. This is also an important form of communication.

Schedule: Google Code:

1st - 9 Lit ri5pshc

2nd 9 Lit rdc2yu5

3rd Planning

4th 9 Lit osbvxhm

5th 9 Lit k2q3e3t

6th 9 Lit elshbjg

7th HST ihnimq2

Class expectations:

Be respectful.

Be on time.

Be responsible.