Clear Creek Amana Instructional Coaches

Welcome to Clear Creek Amana's Instructional Coaching Resource Page! This site is available to you to give you information, request services, find out more about coaching, and introduce the coaches.

Vision Statement

We increase student learning by equipping, empowering, and encouraging teachers. We assist teachers to increase teacher leadership by building trusting relationships to create an environment where teachers can take risks.

Coaching Menu


  • GATHER RESOURCES - documents, websites, books, teaching materials
  • CO-PLANNING – curriculum mapping, collaboratively plan a rigorous lesson or series of lessons that meet best practices
  • CLASSROOM COVERAGE – cover your class so that you can observe another colleague in your building or district
  • LISTENING AND SUPPORT – lend an open and confidential ear for a topic of your choice

Main Entrees

  • ASSISTANT – serve as another pair of hands for a lesson or another pair of eyes to track student concerns and levels of rigor
  • CO-TEACHING – after planning cooperatively, teach a lesson together
  • DIFFERENTIATION SUPPORT – help design active student engagement activities, choice assignments or tiered activities or assessments, assignment scaffolding
  • TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT – find or create interactive tools or programs that enhance student engagement
  • DATA CONVERSATION – collaboratively analyze formative assessments to make instructional decisions and participate in Data Team meetings
  • MTSS– support and ideas for student success


  • GOAL-SETTING – through conversations, establish a goal or focus area to improve student learning and professional growth opportunities
  • REFLECTION – through conversation and observation, reflect on student learning in your classroom, may also include student work analysis
  • COLLABORATION – help you connect with other teachers in your building or district and systematically problem solve
  • BRAINSTORMING SESSION – collaboratively bounce innovative ideas off one another

*Please Note* These chefs are not experts but gather a wide range of ingredients and serving suggestions, including systematic problem solving, in addition to enhancing our conversations with additional resources, ideas, and supports.

*Craving something not listed on the menu?* ORDER IT ANYWAY – We are willing to collaboratively create new items as needed. Please take some time to peruse this menu to choose from a variety of options we have to offer. MIX and MATCH to design something appetizing for you.