Sustainable wahconah

Blue in our Hearts, Green in our Thumbs

Green Umbrella CLub

The environmental club at Wahconah.

Paving the way to a sustainable future.

Composting Program

A group of environmentally conscious students partnered with The Green Umbrella to pioneer a composting program at Wahconah.

Earth Expo

Berkshire Earth Expo, focuses on energy efficiency, climate resilience, and environmental action. Students set up a booth to highlight some of the accomplishments at Wahconah. This is an annual event.

Earth Week

Earth day is April 22nd, we will be celebrating Wahconah's first ever Earth week with green themes and guest speakers at all 3 lunches

Student Opportunities

Want to make an impact? Start Now.

The GreenHouse

Home to Articles/Videos/News about all things green! Check out this page for some eye opening information about the world around you.