What we treat:

Head Elbow Hip

Neck Hand Knee

Shoulder Back/Ribs Ankle/Foot

This includes:

  • Post operative physical therapy
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Overuse injuries
  • Muscle pain
  • Post-activity recovery
  • Mobility/performance impairment
  • Headache assessment
  • Balance and neurological impairments

In summary, we are equipped to evaluate any musculoskeletal pain you are experiencing - from head to toe - that is keeping you from doing what you love.

We also Provide the Following Services

Dry Needling

Trigger point or functional dry needling is a fantastic tool used to treat nagging trigger point pain, reduce muscle spasms, and restore optimal neuromuscular function. Tim and Janelle are both certified as Level 2 Dry Needling practitioners.

Graston technique is a great tool utilized in PT to further the recovery process. It is used to decrease pain, increase blood flow, improve the flexibility of underlying tissue, and reduce adhesions in tissue layers and formation of scar tissue.

Bike Fit

Bike fitting optimizes the rider to the bicycle in an efficient, powerful, safe and healthy riding position. During a bike fit we assess your relationship to your bike to improve your biking experience, reduce the chance of injury and eliminate pain.

Running Analysis

Do you have pain while running, or pain cause by running? During a running analysis, your PT will evaluate you using a slow motion filmed analysis of you on a treadmill and determine the breakdown in running or dysfunction leading to pain/discomfort.

Joint Mobilization and Manipulation

Manual therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for numerous orthopedic conditions. It is used to address joint pain, address neuromuscular dysfunction, mobilize painful or dysfunctional areas, and take stress off of healing tissue.

We use Sole Supports' custom orthotics to treat many injuries both in the foot/ankle complex and "higher up the chain" (knee and hip dysfunction) when warranted. Custom foot orthotics are a great adjunct to the rest of treatment where a more firm and aggressive orthotic is needed.

Both Tim and Janelle are certified in SFMA Level I (selective functional movement assessment). The premise of this movement assessment is to "move well before moving often." This is done by correcting dysfunctional movement patterns and developing healthy movement habits that translate to better performance and function.

KT Tape

Kinesiotape can be a useful tool in therapy to facilitate a decrease in pain and provide a neuromuscular stimulus for improved motor control, strength, and pain free movement.

Blood Flow Restriction

BFR is an emerging exercise technique utilizing inflatable cuffs to slow blood flow in a limb, allowing exercise at lower loads, but an increased exercise response. This is incredibly useful in rehab where working at high levels of resistive exercise may be contraindicated OR specific healing tissues and joints need protection from higher loads. BFR can attenuate muscle atrophy post-injury or post-surgery and lead to faster gains in strength and muscle hypertrophy.