The mission of the Oregon Education Association is to unite the public education profession and advocate for those professionals to ensure quality public education for students in Oregon. 

CBEA Scholarship Winners!

Ellie is the daughter of member Karla Delgado of Millicoma. Kate Miles is the daughter of member Doug Miles from Marshfield High School. Both girls grew up in the Coos Bay Schools and hold a special place in many of our hearts! They were each awarded $750 scholarships. 

Upcoming Dates

Happy Summer! CBEA is working with CBSD to set the next meeting. 

Please be sure we have your updated personal email address to stay connected! Please email coosbayeducation@gmail.com to let us know of any changes!

The video links have been sent to your email accounts! Email the above link if you haven't been receiving the information. 

February 28th Meeting Click This! 

February 15th Meeting Click this! 

January 21st Meeting Click this!

If you cannot view the video, please login to your school account and you should be able to from there! Definitely let me know if you cannot!

Please reach out to your building representatives and CBEA board members for any questions you may have!  

Probationary Graduates:  flowers and coffee cards should have been delivered to you!)

Sam Beckett, MJH  

Dan Birskovich, Preschool 

Casey Brown, Sunset  

Chris Lyon, Sunset  

Laura Gamarra, Sunset

Jacob Snoddy, Marshfield!

Michelle White, Sunset

Megan Fisher, Sunset

Extra Mile Awards nominated by peers:

*see attached document for who nominated them and why! 

Diana Spillman, Millicoma

Cynthia Voller, Millicoma/Eastside

Nicole Ault, Eastside

Amelia Edd, Eastside

Connie Cleveland, Eastside

Jackie Souza, Eastside

Kati Banks, Millicoma

Rachel Lyon, MHS

Jeremy Burgher, MHS

Heidi Ositis, MHS

Deb Dunbar, MJH

Kitty DeMoss, MJH

Chloe Seets, Eastside

Patty Hanlin, Sunset

Chris Lyon, Sunset

Beckie Walker, Sunset

Emily Parkhurst, Eastside/Millicoma

Rachel Lindsey, Eastside

Jenna Hemphill, Eastside

Lori Landers, Madison/Sunset

Tammy Beasley, district Speech

Mark Lorincz,  Eastside/Millicoma

Information from OEA! 

Professional Development Opportunities

Union News to members!

We are looking for people to help with committees!

Click here to see our list of committees and how you can help! 

If you are interested in being a part of any of these committees, and assisting our fellow teachers in decision making, please contact your union rep or by emailing coosbayeducation@gmail.com  

Your Contract fact of the month- *Coming soon*

Special Shoutouts- Do you have a teacher you work with that deserves a shoutout? Let us know! We'd love to showcase one person from each school each month on our webpage! :)
Shoutout here!

Good of the order- *Coming soon*

Our lovely ladies made it out to the 2023 OEA Representative Assembly! Give a hand to these four ladies for taking the time out of their weekend to represent us. 

From left to right

JenMarie Frangopoulos, Mary-Margaret Stockert, Tracy Cates, Becky Crane

Honoring our 2021-2022 retirees! 

Enjoy your Next Endeavors!

Lynda Sanders! 

Kevin Black

Remembering Kim...

"Every life you touched carries your light forward"

Your CBEA Executive board

Becky Crane


Marshfield Pirate Hall

Jeremy Burgher & Anthony Johnson 

(not pictured)

Vice Presidents

Rose Stinson


(not pictured)

JenMarie Frangopoulos


 Your Building Reps

Come Find us if you have any questions or concerns!


Jenn Winston

Marshfield Junior High

Mary-Margaret Stockert

Little Pirates

Tracy Cates


Erin Ralstin


Erica Homann


Peggy Thornton

District Office, Psych's, TOSA 

Rachel Lyon

Marshfield Pirate Hall

South Coast UniServ (406) Consultant

Daniel O'Donnel

Uniserv Representative


Toll Free Number: