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Looking Back to 2020


Just Transitions - 4.23.20

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Pushing for a healthy ecosystem requires for a critical & intersectional movement. Natural disasters and a public health pandemic continue to expose the known social inequities that hinder workers in our region.

As the gears of capitalism come to a halt and skies clear, lets remember we need to respond to ALL our movements like we are responding to COVID-19.

Lets use the momentum for systemic change that Earth Day in Santa Barbara represents in the fight against Big Oil to uplift WORKERS!

Healthy Communities - 4.24.20

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For our communities to be healthy, everyone needs access to Healthcare.

We thank our Local County Public Health Department in opening health care access for COVID-19 related illnesses to everyone, regardless of immigration status or healthcare coverage. This is a testament that we need #Health4All for a healthy community.

As historical racial inequities become facts on paper of Black, Indigenous, Brown and other People of Color, lets remember they are the stories of our neighbors experiencing the known social inequities we must call a change to.

Call to Action

#Health4All Seniors

Housing is Healthcare - 4.25.20

Artist: Vanessa Ramirez-Garcia of Future Leaders of America





Housing is a Human Right.

When our communities have stable and habitable housing our communities' physical and mental health thrives.

Housing is a right, not a Commodity.

Call to Action


Join California Housing Movement partners on Monday April 27th at 12:30 pm in calling on Governor Newsom to keep families housed and debt free! Millions of people were unable to pay their rent in March or April, and that number will rise as May 1st approaches and rent is due again. We need direct and immediate action from Governor Newsom. An eviction moratorium is NOT ENOUGH to ensure tenants have a #DebtFreeFuture.

Bailout the Working Class - 4.26.20





When we say Bail Out the Working Class, we are acknowledging the financial disaster knocking at the door of many renters, homeowners & small businesses, and are calling for a systemic response.

That is why we say we want a #DebtFreeFuture in #CancelRents & #CancelMortgages to support workers and small businesses.

We've Bailed Out Wall Street Corporations before, its time to Bail Out the People.

Call to Action

#Santa Barbara May Day Car Rally

Contact for more information and details for the Santa Barbara May Day Car Rally.

805 Undocufund - 4.27.20





Today worker and immigrant rights advocates across California are calling on our state legislature to ensure a #SafetyNet4AllofUs by providing ongoing relief for California’s undocumented community through the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

We are all stronger when everyone is safe and cared for - not just this week, but in the coming weeks and months.

Call to Action

Read the petition and add your name in support here!

You can also join our Twitter chat today at 1pm by following @SafetyNet4All and sharing your thoughts on why we need a #SafetyNet4AllofUs.

Healthcare Workers - 4.28.20

Art from @AFL-CIO






On Workers Memorial Day, we remember that Corporations are not in the frontline helping our community, Health Care Workers are!

Let's mourn for the workers who gave their life protecting our health during COVID-19, but as Mother Jones reminds us, lets continue to fight for the living!

Farm workers - 4.29.20

Artist Instagram info: @artisaright & Slogan by Jeremias Salazar




# ThankYouFarmworkers

Farm workers have always been essential.

As the start of our food supply chain, farm workers (alongside domestic workers) are the last to be supported by our federal government due to our history of slavery and exploitation of communities of color.

Most recently, the White House proposed a plan earlier this month seeking to lower farmworker pay to support the agriculture industry.

Lets acknowledge how privilege is afforded to different workers during COVID-19, and uproot the exploitation of those who feed us.

Service Sector Workers- 4.30.20

Art from the California Domestic Worker Coalition





Domestic Workers have always been essential.

As we reflected with Farm Workers yesterday, the work of Domestic Workers is rooted in our countries history of slavery and exploitation of communities of color.

Employers of domestic workers in our region, we ask you to sign on to the link below at Hand in Hand and commit to being a fair employer as we face this crisis and into the future .

Again, lets acknowledge how privilege is afforded to different workers during COVID-19.

May Day- 5.1.20

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