May Day

Dia Internacional de los Trabajadores

Gracias all for celebrating May Day 2021

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Santa Barbara Route / Ruta de Santa Barbara

Earth Day and Just Transitions - 4.22.20

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We launch Earth Day to May Day by uplifting that our liberation is interconnected, and the demand for Abolition and a Just Transition. Pushing for a healthy ecosystem requires a critical & intersectional movement.

We start with a call to action for several events taking place this weekend for folks to support in Santa Barbara.

Today, lets use the momentum for systemic change that Earth Day in Santa Barbara represents in the fight for a Just Transition and a Green New Deal. Save the date for the SB County Grassroots Green New Deal Junta Grande on Saturday May 15th at noon.

Call to Action

Register for SB County Grassroots Green New Deal Junta Grande

Saturday, May 15th 12pm

Invest in Community Safety- 4.23.20 - Friday


On Tuesday, April 6th, 2021, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis. The County’s public safety budget must reflect this resolution and its accompanying commitment to create changes that directly address systemic racism and its harmful outcomes.

Call to Action

Save Ortega Park Murals - 4.24.20 - Saturday

Artist: @AdrianaLaArtista


"The murals in Ortega Park have been a part of the Eastside community for 42 years. Recently, the City of Santa Barbara has decided to redesign and remodel Ortega Park to include the demolition of the existing murals. Many of the murals qualify as historically significant, and all of them are significant to the community as they reflect our history and culture.

Our goal is to bring awareness and engage community members to participate in the efforts to save the murals."

Call to Action

We Keep Us Safe - 4.25.20 - Sunday


"Join a coalition of community organizations at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse this Sunday, April 25, to mourn those taken from us far too soon and to call for an end to rampant police and state violence at the local, regional, and national levels. Together we affirm that the police do not stand in opposition to the violence we experience. They are violence."

Call to Action

Learn more at the Facebook Event Here

The Pro Act - 4.25.20 - Tuesday

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@ Central Coast Labor Council

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May Day is a celebration reemphasizing the labor movements commitment to organizing for our collective humanity as workers. As we commemorate the labor movement organizers of Chicago's Haymarket Square in 1886, let us continue the call for empowering a workers right to organize with the passage of the PRO Act at the Federal Level alongside Central Coast Labor Council

Call to Action

More Coming Soon

Hand in Hand - 4.27.20 - Wednesday

(Image with a white background and a row of 10 diverse raised hands with the phrase above it reading "I Pledge: To support those who have supported us." On top right corner of the image reads "Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network.")

Learn how California can provide a universal long term care Insurance benefit that will enable millions of CA seniors and people with disabilities to get high-quality care.

Join Jacob Lesner-Buxton and Kayla Shore, the Southern California Research Manager & Organizer with Hand in Hand, a group that advocates for the rights of domestic workers along with services for those with disabilities.

Special thanks to David More and New Covenant Worship Center for hosting this event.

Call to Action

Meeting Thursday, April 29th

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Please e-mail Jacob Lesner-Buxton at for the zoom link and any accommodation requests.

Santa Barbara Tenants Union 4.28.21 - Thursday

(Description of Graphic used for this Post: Image with a green background and a row of 8 diverse people drawn in a simplistic art style with the phrase above it reading "Build Tenant Power" Below that is the Santa Barbara Tenants Union logo. Below that reads "Your landlord doesn't want you to join the Tenant's Union. So you should probably should." Below that are the links to our online sign-up sheet "" and our website "".)

Santa Barbara Tenants Union is a community run, group-funded led by and for tenant volunteers. Our mission is to organize tenants councils to facilitate collective bargaining with landlords. We also run campaigns to educate tenants on legal rights and to increase the amount of affordable housing in Santa Barbara.

If you (or someone you know) have any problems with your current tenancy (increased fees, random "rennovations", harassment, worried about eviction, repairs taking too long), reach out to us and we can work with you on building an effective response. There are different tactics for each situation, so one of our tenant volunteer organizers will spend some time with you and your neighbors to work something out!

We make each other stronger, join the tenants union today!

Call to Action

Join the Santa Barbara Tenants Union

Community Stabilization - 4.29.21 - Friday

Protect Caregivers in Ventura County

Santa Maria

Santa Barbara