Summer Reading

Heritage High School

Summer Reading 2024

Our Summer Reading website contains all you need to succeed with summer reading selections and assignments, including a link to Google classroom where you will submit your assignment. Find your grade level in the menu above. If you are accessing this website on your phone, click the hamburger menu in the top left.  

An important piece of information to note is that assignments are due on August 1 - BEFORE school begins.  Also, honors students will choose 1 book; AP students will choose 2 books to read.  We hope that you'll find something to enjoy!

                                        Happy Reading!

Dual Enrollment students: If you switch to an honors or AP English class, you are still expected to fulfill the summer reading requirement.  Contact your English teacher if you have questions.

Concerning AI/Plagiarism:

Students, plagiarism is defined as the passing off of another's words or ideas as your own. Be mindful that all assignments reflect your own original thoughts. All submissions will pass through AI/plagiarism detection software.

Writing assignments are not just about the final product; they're also about engaging with the learning experience. Work which is plagiarized in any way will receive a zero, and the student will face disciplinary action.

Notice to Parents Concerning Book Selections:

At HHS, we have carefully curated a selection of summer reading books for Honors classes, many of which are selections from past and present lists of the TOME Student Literacy Society. TOME's position revolves around ensuring that chosen literature is not only engaging and educational but also respectful of diverse perspectives and sensitive topics. We align with TOME's emphasis on the importance of selecting books that promote critical thinking, empathy, and understanding while being mindful of potential content that may not align with the values and comfort levels of every family. We encourage parents to be a part of the selection process and choose a book that is appropriate for your child and family.

We believe that engaging in thoughtful discussions about literature can foster critical thinking, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the world. As such, we encourage you to explore the selected books alongside your student, engaging in meaningful conversations about themes, characters, and perspectives. Valuable resources are available to help you review books before making a selection. Two popular resources are 

Common Sense Media 

Plugged In .