Welcome to the West Carteret High School CTE Virtual Career Center.   This center is created to assist students with Career and Technical Education information as well as career information, job information, and much more.   If you have any questions please contact your Career Development Coordinator, Mikie Broadhurst, at West Carteret High School and she will be happy to assist you. 

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Career and Technical Education (CTE) serves several important purposes in the education system, aiming to prepare students for the workforce by providing them with practical skills and knowledge related to specific career paths. Here are some key purposes of Career and Technical Education:

CTE programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for specific careers and industries. This can include technical skills, hands-on training, and industry-specific knowledge that prepares students for entry into the workforce.

CTE programs focus on meeting the demands of the labor market. By aligning curriculum with industry needs, students are better prepared to enter the workforce with skills that are relevant and in demand. This helps address skills gaps in various industries.

CTE emphasizes practical, hands-on learning experiences. Students often engage in real-world projects, internships, and apprenticeships that allow them to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings. This approach helps develop both technical and soft skills.

CTE programs are designed in collaboration with industry professionals, ensuring that the curriculum is up-to-date and aligned with current industry standards and practices. This collaboration helps maintain the relevance of education to the evolving needs of the workforce.

CTE allows students to explore different career paths and industries before committing to a specific career. This exploration can help students make informed decisions about their future and choose career paths that align with their interests and aptitudes.

CTE programs aim to make students both college and career-ready. While some students may choose to enter the workforce directly after completing a CTE program, others may use it as a foundation for further education, including pursuing higher education in related fields.

CTE provides a wide range of career options across various industries, including healthcare, technology, manufacturing, hospitality, and more. This diversity allows students to choose pathways that align with their passions and goals.

CTE plays a crucial role in addressing the skills gap by preparing students with the specific skills that employers are seeking. This is particularly important as technology and industries evolve, and new skill sets become essential in the workforce.

In summary, Career and Technical Education serves to bridge the gap between education and the workforce by providing students with practical skills, industry knowledge, and hands-on experiences that prepare them for successful careers in a variety of fields.




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Mikie Broadhurst

Career Development Coordinator, West Carteret High School


252.726.1176 ext. 311

I am a graduate of East Carolina University, with a BS in Education and Masters in Library Science. I have been teaching for 18 years, most recently as a CTE teacher. I was honored to be named Carteret County CTE Teacher of the Year 2023 and Carteret County Teacher of the Year 2023. As the Career Development Coordinator at West Carteret High School I look forward to empowering students to recognize their aptitudes and interests as they take advantage of course pathways which may lead to industry certifications, career incentives, and work-based learning opportunities related to CTE internships and job shadowing. 

If you would like to meet with me about future plans, career goals or CTE classes please feel free to email me and I will set a time to meet with you.  

Career and Technical Education Staff

Jessica Lewis

Family and Consumer Sciences


Michael Helm

Project Lead the Way--Engineering
and Drone Technologies


Lisa Hensley

Marketing Education


Katherine Kauffman

Business Education


Lindsay Alford

Business Education


Michael Litaker

Trade and Industry--Carpentry Education


Pamela Zanaska

Health Science Education


Amy McKay

Special Populations Coordinator