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Tristan crounk from Mrs. Chenin asked us "How did you get a channel"?

FFNEWZ says: we are coming up with a video about how to make a channel so stay tuned for that.

Angel Ruelas Lepe from E.V.M.S (student from last year) asked us: How the school been doing since i left? (i went to fremont last year) E.V.M.S right now?

FFNEWZ says: We are happy to hear that previous students ask us questions. The school is fantastic, there are new students and teachers that are really nice.

Brian Velazquez from Mrs. Gerow asked us: " what will you do if i said i subscribed"?

FFNEWS says: Well, Mr.Ellis says if you subscribed and send a picture of you subscribing Mr. Ellis will give you a special treat.

Paris Rangel from Ms. Quisenberry asked us: " what program do you guys use to edit (cause i need a software")?

FFNEWZ says: The software we use is WeVideo can't wait to see what you create.

Giselle Canales from ms. Quisenberry asked us: " What year did you guys start "?

FFNEWZ says: We started in 2017-2018

Ivan Ramirez from Mr. Vradenburg asked us: "When will you post a new video?"

FFNewz says: Thank you Ivan. Currently there are 3 videos in the making. Stay Tuned!

Matthew Feldman from Mrs.Quisenberry asked us: "When will I be in the club?

FFnews says: Matthew , Mr.Ellis is watching his 3rd and 4th graders to see who might be in computer club in 5th grade. Remember computer club is only for 5th graders.

Brian Velazquez from Mrs. Gerow asked us: ¨ How do you get a FFNewz sticker¨?

FFNewz says: Well Brian, how you get a FFNewz sticker is you go on the FFNewz website, and it will be on the top of the website and it will say FFNewz Sticker, and then you press on that then it will show you instructions on how to get a FFNewz Sticker. Or, you can watch Andreya's latest video on how to get a sticker on our YouTube channel.

Norah Schultz from Mrs. Winkler asked us: "Can you interview me please"

FFNewz says: "Hey Norah, maybe we can interview you but what kind of questions would you like us to ask you"?

Matthew Feldman from Mrs. Quisenberry asked us: " When will I be in computer club"

FFNewz says: "Hey Matthew, sorry you can't be in computer club this year it is only for 5th grades but maybe in the future".

FFNewz in Action!

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