Thanksgiving with F²Newz

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Hey Boy's and Girl's, this is the shoutout page when you ask us a question on ask me anything, you can be on the website, and did you know that the game page was updated.

Aden Madrigal from Mrs. Winkler's class asked us: "Can you do a gaming video plz" ?

FFnewz says: "Sorry Aden but we will not be doing any gaming videos in FFNewz but if you have any other great ideas we would be happy to hear".

"Mr. Hostler from CMS asked us: "Where is the video of subscribing"?

FFNewz says: Hey Mr. Hostler this is FFNewz here is the link we made

Lilian Ceragioli from Mrs. Moore asked us: "Can you recycle in a video"?

FFNewz says: Funny that you ask, right now there are FFNewz members talking about a recycling video. Stay Tuned!

Oriah Rasmussen from Mrs. Shank asked us: "How old are you"?

FFNewz says: "Well Mr. Ellis is a young, vibrant, kind 49 year old"!

Addy Painter from Ms. Winkler asked us: ¨How do you sign up for Computer Club?"

FFNewz says: Well Addy, you will have to look down below because we have already answered that question so look down below and read the answer we gave to Matthew Kruse .

Ethan Henry from CMS (founding member of FFNewz,"What's Up Crew") said: "How's it going Mr. Ellis?"

FFNewz says: Mr. Ellis is doing great! Hey Ethan we remember you from the What's Up Crew last year...thanks for being one of the founding members of FFNewz.

Paris Rangel from Quisenberry asked us: ¨Will you accept me in your club¨

FFNewz says: We will be looking forward to seeing you in 5th grade because computer club is only for fifth graders

Veronika Egorova from Ms. Miller asked us: ¨Can you do a interview with me and some of my friends¨?

FFNewz says: Talk to an FFNewz Crew member and tell them what your idea is. If you can convince them maybe you will be their next project!

Nicholas Frederickson from Ms. Iaeger asked us: ¨Are you guys going to replace the basketball nets¨?

FFNewz says: Well, we don´t control the basket ball nets we only control the website. If you want the basketball nets to be replaced you have to ask or contact Ms. Rand about that.

Matthew Kruse from Mrs. Shank's class asked: "I forgot how to join Computer Club. How do you join Computer Club?"

FFNewz says: What you do is Mr. Ellis made a Google Classroom called Computer Club Application. Go to Google Classroom and add a class, use the code- z5comw to enter the classroom. Follow the instructions (you will need to create a slideshow) and then he will look at it and as students drop out he will add new people to the computer club. Remember, you must be in 5th grade to join Computer Club. We currently have one opening and Mr. Ellis is looking at slideshows now ! Good Luck.

FFNewz in Action!

This is a 360 image, if you want to see more of this go to 360 classroom images on the top menu bar