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How do I use my district issued phone while off campus to contact parents and students?

  • Using your district issued phone while off campus is not available at this time. If we switch to the 100% remote learning model and our buildings are not accessible by staff, our phone system will be adjusted to accommodate off campus phone service.

What if I need technical support?

  • Open a service request using ServiceNow. All technicians will be monitoring the system from 7 am until 3:30 pm on normal school days and responding as quickly as possible.

  • Technical support is only available for District-owned technology, non-district owned technology is not supported. In addition, home support visits are not available.

  • Some issues are not able to be resolved remotely. In such circumstances, your technician will provide you with additional instructions.

What if a student needs technical support?

  • In-person/Hybrid model - If you are not able to resolve the issue, please direct the student to the library for assistance.

  • 100% remote model - Guidance will be posted here should CCSD transition to 100% remote learning.

What if a student needs their Chromebook repaired?

  • In-Person/Hybrid model - Students should go to the library for assistance. If available, a Chromebook loaner will be issued to the student until their device is repaired and returned to them.

  • 100% remote model - Guidance will be posted here should CCSD transition to 100% remote learning.

What cloud-based storage services are permitted to be used?

  • The only two board approved cloud storage services are OneDrive and Google Drive. Note that this is referring to district issued OneDrive and Google Drive accounts only and NOT personal accounts.

What if a student needs to reset their password?

  • If you are on campus you can use the "Student Password Reset" button on this web page and login using your district account to reset student passwords. This is the fastest way to reset a student password. You can also direct students to go to the Student Dashboard and select the password reset option that is appropriate for their situation.

  • The Student Password Reset portal is only available while connected to the CCSD network. If you are not on campus, you will need to work with the technology department to reset student passwords.

What if a student does not have Internet access at home?

  • Direct students to contact their schools Safe School Professional. Safe School Professionals will work with the student to verify their home Internet status and get the student a wireless Internet hotspot, if appropriate.

  • In addition to the option above, Spectrum is providing broadband for free for 60 days to households with K-12 students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription. Parents/Guardians will need to enroll to take advantage of this program by contacting Spectrum directly at 1-844-488-8395.

You can only access the Student Password Reset system while on campus. Student identification must be confirmed and passwords can only be shared with student/guardian


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