The known outer moons of the giant planets. The Hill Sphere is the area around a planet where moons might be stable. Jupiter and Saturn have clear dynamical families, which are the remnants of a once larger parent moon that has broken apart from likely past collisions. (Taken from Sheppard et al. 2023)

Jupiter has been referred to as a mini Solar System because of the thousands of small bodies it directly controls through its gravity.   Since Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System it has influenced our neighborhood second only to the Sun.  Choose a link below to find out more about these minor bodies near and around Jupiter

Irregular Outer Moons

Regular Moons

Trojans Asteroids

Jupiter Family Comets

The other giant planets Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune also have regular inner and irregular outer moons. Neptune also has Trojan asteroids

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Planet Moon Count


Mercury = 0

Venus = 0

Earth = 1

Mars = 2

Jupiter = 95

Saturn = 146

Uranus = 28

Neptune = 16

Pluto = 5