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Too many (>400 and counting) Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (MPECs) to keep track of.

IAUC 7525 "Lost Moon of Jupiter Found: S/1975 J1 = S/2000 J1"

IAUC 7555 "10 New Satellites of Jupiter Discovered: S/2000 J2 - S/2000 J11"

IAUC 7619 "Lightcurve of Kuiper Belt Object 2000 GN171"

IAUC 7900 "11 New Satellites of Jupiter: S/2001 J1 - S/2001 J11"

IAUC 7935 "Fragmentation of comet 57P/du Toit-Neujmin-Delporte"

IAUC 7966 "Discovery of components to comet C/2002 Q3 (Linear)"

IAUC 8035 "New Jupiter Satellite S/2002 J1"

IAUC 8087 "7 New Satellites of Jupiter"

IAUC 8088 "2003 J8, New Satellite of Jupiter"

IAUC 8089 "4 New Satellites of Jupiter"

IAUC 8116 "6 New Satellites of Jupiter and 1 New Satellite of Saturn"

IAUC 8125 "S/2003 J19 and S/2003 J20 New Satellites of Jupiter"

IAUC 8138 "S/2003 J21 New Satellite of Jupiter"

IAUC 8193 "S/2003 N1 New Satellite of Neptune" (September 2003)

IAUC 8213 "S/2001 U2 New Satellite of Uranus" (October 2003)

IAUC 8217 "S/2003 U3 New Satellite of Uranus" (October 2003)

IAUC 8276 "New Satellite of Jupiter S/2003 J22" (January 2004)

IAUC 8281 "New Satellite of Jupiter S/2003 J23" (February 2004)

IAUC 8305 "Comet P/2004 DO29 (SPACEWATCH-LINEAR)" (March 2004)

IAUC 8321 "Comet P/2004 DZ61 (CATALINA-LINEAR)" (April 2004)

IAUC 8523 "12 New Satellites of Saturn" (May 2005)

IAUC 8637 "Comet C/2004 YJ35 (LINEAR)" (December 2005)

IAUC 8727 "9 New Satellites of Saturn" (June 2006)

IAUC 8836 "3 New Satellites of Satun: S/2007 S1, S/2007 S2, and S/2007 S3" (May 2007)

IAUC 8962 "Discovery of a Satellite to KBO 2007 TY430" (August 2008)

IAUC 9252 "Discovery of Jupiter Satellites S/2011 J1 and S/2011 J2" (June 2012)

CBET 3879 "Discovery of Comet C/2014 F3 (Sheppard-Trujillo)" (May 2014)

IAUC 9272 "Discovery of a Tail to Main Belt Asteroid (62412) 2000 SY178" (October 2014)

CBET 4107 "Main Belt Comet P/2010 R2 (LA SAGRA)" 20150526 (May 2015)

IAUC 9276 "Recurrent Tail on Active Asteroid 324P/2015 K3" (August 2015)

CBET 4177 "Discovery of Comet C/2015 T5 (Sheppard-Tholen)" (November 2015)

MPEC L08 "New Satellite of Jupiter S/2016 J1" (June 2017)

MPEC L47 "New Satellite of Jupiter S/2017 J1" (June 2017)

CBET 4458 "New Comet C/2017 U5" (December 2017)

CBET 4483 "New Satellite Discovered around Kuiper Belt Object 2014 LQ28" (February 2018)

CBET 4485 "New Satellite Discovered around Trans-Neptunian Object 2005 SF278" (February 2018)

CBET 4491 "New Satellite Discovered around Kuiper Belt Object 2015 QL14" (March 2018)

MPEC O09 - MPEC O18 "10 New Jupiter Satellites S/2016 J2, S/2017 J2-J9, S/2018 J1" (July 2018)

CBET 4537 "New Satellite of Dwarf Planet 2013 FY27" (August 2018)

CBET 4607 "Discovery of Comet P/2018 V5 (Trujillo-Sheppard)" (February 2019)

MPEC T126 - MPEC T161 "20 New Saturn Satellites S/2004 S20 - S/2004 S39" (October 2019)

MPEC C187 "Discovery of Most Distant Object Observed in Solar System: 2018 AG37" (February 2021)

MPEC Q41: "Discovery of the Shortest Orbital Period Asteroid: 2021 PH27" (August 2021)

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