Cody Laboratory

LABORATORY BACKGROUND: I am an experimentalist, as most of us are at the Geophysical Laboratory. Our experimental simulation facilities are really incredible- spanning from the trivial (flame sealed borosilicate glass tubes-not to knock these BTW!) up to solid media pressure apparatus (piston cylinder devices and multianvil presses), to hydrothermal diamond anvil cells, to doubly laser heated diamond anvil cells and Paris-Edinburgh presses; and maybe beyond to laser shock heated experiments- happy to try!

I have assembled a laboratory that allows me and any others who care to join me to interogate their reaction products to the greatest extent that is possible. I focus on organic molecules and organic products- so my lab has an organic focus. This is why I call it the "Molecular Organic Analysis" laboratory- clever of me don't you think :) ?

However, I run this lab as a Carnegie BBR wide facility and have collaborated with a wide range Carnegie and visiting scientists on many analytical problems both organic and inorganic- I do not discriminate- if you have an analytical problem and I can help- I will and do!

I have put together a really amazing analytical laboratory and I am proud of it - I am still updating this web site- but I think that you will agree that for Organics analysis you will be well taken care of at the Geophysical Laboratory. We are not afraid to try anything. I have analyzed organic molecules (benzene oligomers) synthesized at 25 GPa with our GC-MS's and also with our multi-nuclear Solid state NMR! My personal record is a sample of diamantane subjected to 70+ GPa, recovered and analyzed via GC-MS. Answer-perfect recovery of diamantane- no reaction = no paper, but we did it!

My attitude is let us try! Worked with 11B NMR on biogenic carbonates (down to 3 ppm concentration) and harder still with natural abundance D- NMR on meteoritic IOM (in preparation- scoop me if you can- this is a really time intensive experiment).

And what I personally do not provide in my lab you will find in other labs at GL and DTM; FTIR, Raman, UV-Vis, SIMS and Nano SIMs, EMPA, SEM-EDAX, XRD, and XRF analysis. Really I believe that if you can't do it here (GL and DTM)- I don't think you can do it any where else either.

Synchrotron Based Analytics: Like many- I use the amazing instrumentation that can only be provided by big instruments like synchrotrons and neutron sources. These are essential for science and as an American - essential for American science- PLEASE SUPPORT AMERICAN SCIENCE! Our future depends on it!