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Research Interests

Experimental examination of the physics and chemistry of materials and energy transport that characterize igneous and hydrothermal processes in the interior of the earth and terrestrial planets. Of particular focus are experimental studies on (i) Melting phase relations of mantle materials, (ii) Element partitioning and isotope fractionation between minerals, fluids, and melts at high pressures and temperatures, (iii) Relationships between structure and properties of silicate melts and COHN fluids at high temperature and high pressure (iv) Solubility mechanisms of fluids in silicate melts and of silicates in aqueous fluids in the pressure-temperature regime of the earth’s crust and upper mantle, (v) Thermodynamics of minerals at high temperature and relationships between energetics and structure of minerals during melting.(vi) Transport and transport mechanisms in amorphous materials (viscosity, diffusion, conductivity)


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