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Homecoming Voting is Here...Scroll down!

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Homecoming Voting is Here!

Characteristics to consider when making your selections:  

school and community involvement, kindness and consideration of others. 

The top 2 for grades 9-11 will be the Homecoming Court and 

the top 6 seniors will be the Homecoming Royalty. 

Voting in the wrong grade will result in your vote being deleted. 

CHS Staff Homecoming Royalty Voting

Voting Open for all Grade for CHS Staff HOCO Royalty!

Seniors - Class of 2024 Homecoming Voting

Juniors - Class of 2025 Homecoming Voting

Sophomores - Class of 2026 Homecoming Voting

Freshmen - Class of 2027 Homecoming Voting

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WHat have we been up to? 

Here are some videos to see what activities we have put on this year!

Winter Formal Video.mp4
Final Shoe Game Video.mp4

Didn't get a chance to meet them yet?

Click the links below to see who your new Officers and Commissioners are!

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