Office: G40 Pangborn Hall

Address: 620 Michigan Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20064

Telephone: (202) 319-4382

Facsmile: (202) 319-5173


Research Interests

  • Study of carbon nanotube yarns or fibers. This research is focused on determining their mechanical, electrical, piezoresistive and thermal responses, and their tailoring and conditioning for their use in sensors in structural health monitoring and other sensing applications.
  • Study and development of composite materials and polymeric materials that can be constantly aware of their own structural health condition. The research includes the study of "self-sensing" polymeric and composite materials that include carbon nanotube yarn sensors which are integrated, distributed and monitored through impedance measurements. The sensors can measure strain and detect initiating damage . This research may lead to the foundational technology of robust real-time and condition-based health monitoring of aerospace and other high performance structures.
  • Fundamental studies of the thermomechanical and electrical response of laminated polymeric composite materials reinforced with carbon nanotube-based materials and development studies to create composites with superior multifunctional properties. These studies are being conducted through combined experimental, numerical and analytical approaches that include processing and fabrication, structure-property relationships, thermomechanical characterization, and multiscale modeling of constitutive behavior.

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Research Opportunities for Students

If you have research experience on carbon nanotube-based materials or composite materials and are strongly motivated to conduct scientific research, please send your resume and a personal statement of interests to Prof. Abot at, specifically addressing how your technical interests match those in the research group and how you would like to contribute to the research projects. Thank you so much in advance for your interest and best wishes.