/ / O U R . T E A M

Creative Direction

A emerging technologies producer synthesising R&D, design fiction, arts and storytelling to steer the project's creative direction.

Immersive Technologies

A creative technologist with over three decades experience in immersive media technologies and designing immersive experiences – from games to VR and AR.

Dramaturg & Story Consultant

An accomplished dramaturg and arts sector leader; coaching and guiding the team's development of the story with dramatic structure, story concepts, character development and working with performers.

Cinematics & Story Consultant

A Bradford-based filmmaker and producer, "obsessed with cinema" and lending the team his cinematic eye, including scouting, cinematics and visual concept design. 

Story Consultant

Bradford spoken-word poet, basketball player, activist and playwright, Asma El Badawi, has been providing her perspectives on feminism, fashion, identity and activism as it relates to our story.