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Veiled Reality is a design fiction on the future of hijabs and niqabs.

It takes the form of an immersive, interactive first-person story, speculating on a future where emerging technologies, feminism and religion collide, in the genesis of wearable "shroud computing" and "smart veils".

The story follows the charismatic creator of these living, semi-sentient veils as she is interviewed by the player, a reporter profiling the inventor. The inventor guides the player/reporter through a series of tech demonstrations which reveal her mysterious motivations as it becomes clear the inventor is experimenting on the player.

We want Veiled Reality to open up a dialogue and a provocation about the symbolism and role of veils, hijabs and niqabs in wider society. Where the notion of veils is problematised as disempowering of women, we want to flip that around and allow a more playful and empowering starting point. What if the veil embodied superpower feminist ideals?

Follow the development of our story's worldbuilding; from dramturgy workshops, generative AI concepts and location scouting, to design fictions and the influences behind the project.

Follow our experiments with various immersive technologies to produce story elements: from characters and environments to animation and physics.

Meet the team behind Veiled Reality - filmmakers, technologists, writers, activists