This training is FREE for anyone who would like to go through it.

Under NO Circumstances is this material to be sold in any form (in part or in whole or as part of another service). Only Canyon ISD is authorized to charge for training or utilize this material is paid training events if it so chooses to.

Organizations are permitted to use this material to train their own people in-house at no cost, but are not permitted to charge other organizations for training based on this material. For questions please email

Live Event DATE: November 12, 2019

TIME: 5:30PM - 6:45PM


Location: 3301 N. 23rd (Mockingbird Room)

Online Location:


80% or higher required for E-Certification

Presentation Information

We will add a training video on Tuesday November 12th.

Information Security Training

Video Instruction is DIR Certified training for HB 3834 for 2019/20


  • Learn about information security
  • See methods used by people trying to steal your information online.
  • Discuss the dangers of social media and cloud platforms.
  • Examine the future of technology and the benefits and concerns that come with it.
  • Understand the principals of digital citizenship in our world today and to come.

This class is designed to equip our community, staff, and students with a strong understanding of the concerns and dangers with moderns technology. We will also talk about how to take advantage of these amazing tools while ensuring that you are consciously aware of those dangers and how to be safe. Unlike ever before in history, mistakes made online can last a lifetime and its important be aware of our online presence and how to interact with others as a digital citizen.

The class will be taught by Chief Technology Officer (Michael Keough)

We will deal with some sensitive information including cyber bullying and address issues with sexting and similar social media posting concerns. We do however feel the information is appropriate for ages 13 and up. Parents are free to bring students of all ages. For more information please contact