CCHS Traits/Skills and Capstone Advisory Website


Traits/Skills & Capstone Curriculum Overview

Welcome to CCHS's Traits/Skills & Capstone Curriculum website.  On this site, you will find any and all resources that you need in order to learn about Canon City School's Portrait of a Graduate and complete your Capstone project.

To get to the curriculum on this site, go to the Advisory Days Curriculum tab and then you can go through each grade level.  In each grade level (except for 12th grade) the page includes a Google Slides Presentation from the beginning of each year to the end.  Going through each slideshow in order will result in the completion of a student's Capstone project.

There is also a "Resources" tab where students will find helpful resources such as presentation exemplars, rubrics, a portfolio checklist, project ideas, etc.

Good luck on your Capstone journey!

 Capstone Project Mission Statement

The Cañon City High School Capstone Project will provide a cumulative evaluation instrument to validate a graduating student’s ability to apply math and English Language Arts in a workplace environment, design and complete a project, educate others about the project through a formal presentation, and then reflect and assess performance and learning.

Overview:  Students will showcase math, language arts, and essential skills. Possible outcomes include:

All Capstones include:

This experience cannot rely solely upon what you already know but must demonstrate an aspect of new learning and growth.

 Cañon City High School 

Graduation & Capstone Requirements

Reference CCSD BoE Policy: IKF-2

Beginning with the Class of 2021

School District Fremont RE-1 Cañon City Schools does not discriminate in any of its programs, activities or employment with regard to sex, color, disability, race or national origin.

Complaints may be filed verbally, in writing or anonymously. If you wish to file a complaint using the district complaint form, please submit to:

Ms. Jamie Davis Title IX, Section 504, and Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator, 101 North 14th Street, Cañon City, Colorado 81212 ; Telephone: (719) 276-5700

The Colorado State School Board of Education mandated minimum graduation requirements for the graduating class of 2021 and beyond. The Cañon City Board of Education approved the guidelines contained within this book for our students beginning with the class of 2021.

Credit Requirements by Subject Area & District Approved Graduation Requirements

In lieu of attaining a minimum score on one of the approved standardized tests, a student will complete a Capstone Project to meet the graduation requirement. This checklist includes the process by which a student can complete a Capstone Project. With CCHS staff instruction and guidance and with a student’s self-advocacy and leadership, future graduates will benefit from the exciting endeavor that is Capstone.