Canby High Counseling Department

Daren Gilbert – Counselor (P-Z) x5346 – Email:

Andrew Young – Counselor (A-G) x5348 – Email:

Lisa Stahl – Student Information x5341 – Email:

Lori Wujek – Counseling Secretary x5340 – Email:

Leesa Beaudoin – Registrar x5342 – Email:

Trevor Lockwood – Licensed Clinical Social Worker x5343 – Email:

Kelly Nace-Jindrich – Counselor (H-O) x5347 – Email:

CHS Comprehensive School Counseling

VISION STATEMENT: The CHS Comprehensive Counseling Program is crucial to current and future student success. Building effective relationships that provide personalized, meaningful, and equitable support, provides all students the foundation for continued success. Providing academic, counseling and career services to all students, prepares all students to responsibly and adeptly utilize these skills in order to reach their personal and professional goals and achieve their fullest potential at home, in the workplace and in their communities at large.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Comprehensive School Counseling Program at Canby High School provides a safe and nurturing environment for all students, by proactively and effectively partnering with other educators, parents, and other community stakeholders, to support the development of each and every student toward academic and career success, social/emotional growth, and community involvement. This allows students to make informed decisions for their present as well as their future and engenders a commitment to lifelong learning.

For an appointment, call Lori Wujek – Secretary - Direct number: 503.263.7219

FAX number: 503.263.7213

The Counseling Office is open from 7am-3:45pm, Monday - Friday


Prospective Employers/Schools:

*Fax a request signed by applicant to 503-263-7213

*Include Full name in high school; date of birth; year of graduation or attendance; address or fax to receive transcript. Must be signed by applicant.