Exceptional Student Services

Welcome to the Exceptional Student Services (ESS) Department

Our Mission - Our Vision

At Camp Verde Unified School District, our mission is to provide students a safe and caring environment in which knowledge, skills, and attitudes enable learners to become productive citizens: Respect, Integrity, Positive Relationships, Accountability.

Our District Will:

Foster confidence, excellence, integrity, and a sense of belonging. Ensure each learner studies a challenging, academic and relevant curriculum, which enhances social, emotional physical and ethical development. Work in partnership with all families and the community as an organization of engaged, motivated lifelong learning.

For Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities, eligible to receive specialized instruction and related services, the Individualized Education program (IEP) Team, which includes the student and parent/guardian, uses data to help the team determine the level and types of supports and services a student might need. It is important to remember, special education is a service, not a "place". The IEP team considers the unique individual strengths, needs, and post-secondary goals (for students age 16 and older) when determining the appropriate service needs of each student. The fundamental purposes of special education are the same as general education: preparing students for an independent, meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling life. It is our goal to see each student as a unique composite of potential, abilities, and learning needs, understanding and recognizing that special and regular (general) education share the same fundamental goals.