Camper Reports

A Camper Reports are one of the most important resources that we have to help parents understand their boy's summer with us. This page includes resources and tips to support you in crafting the best possible report for your campers.


  1. Write camper comments every week without fail. This is mandatory anyway and part of your weekly duties. However, those who do this best end up making their job much easier at the end of each half.
  2. Be positive. Even the most challenging campers experience growth during the summer. Highlight the best aspects of a boy's summer.
  3. Be honest. Touch on the challenges a boy may have experienced, but focus on how they worked to overcome that or get better.
  4. Make sure each aspect of their experience is represented. Part of the Leader's job in this is making sure that there is a description of each aspect of a boy's summer...cabin, team, major, trip, etc.